Condé Nast Traveler's Laucala Island Resort Laucala Island, Fiji reviews, photos, prices, expert advice, reviews and tips for travelers and more information. Laucala Island Resort in Fiji is undoubtedly one of the best island resorts in the world and once there it is easy to understand why. The Laucala Private Island offers its guests incomparable luxury and privacy. The RNZAF flying boat station in the bay of Laucala near Suva in Fiji. Discover Laucala holiday and discover the best time and places to visit.

Explore Laucala Island Estate in Fiji

The 25 Laucala mansions, all of which are glamourous variations of Fiji homes, provide incomparable exclusiveness and intimacy in dramatically diverse places on the north shore of the isle. From a barbecue on the beach to a delicious meal, a selection of five different places to eat, many of the hotels are natural.

Laucalas diversity ranges from relaxed to adventures. Numerous water sports lead visitors into the blue Fiji seas, while hikes through the rainforest, gulf, farming trips and equestrian excursions take them on an exciting journey around the islands. Laucala's spas, like much of the area, are based on South Pacific traditions. Complementing a fully furnished gym are a number of daily practice classes, as well as a comprehensive array of spas, physical and aesthetic treatments at the mansion or in one of the four villas.

From Laucala Island to Laucala Island, Fiji: The world's foremost hotels

The Laucala is a lush indulgence and a forward-looking commodity of ecological and culturally sensitive. Laucala is located on 3,500 hectares surrounded by beautiful countryside, surrounded by beautiful sand dunes, lush vegetation and lush vegetation. Real luxurious is valued in the resort's scattered mansions on the north tip of the isle.

The Laucala shows its etheric side in a dazzling range of sports and culture events. Dining at your own home or visiting one of Laucala's five dining rooms and pubs, you will be able to savour meals prepared with the very latest cuisine. We pride ourselves on a holistic approach that incorporates aspects of the whole islands into every guest's enjoyment, and offers a range of local cultivated and cultivated goods and herbs.

Island Laucala, Island Laucala, Taveuni

Laucala has always been a place of loneliness. Laucala is a small privately owned refuge off the north-east shore of Taveuni. Laucala Iceland, initially established by a UK scientist in the early 1900s, remains faithful to its genuine Fiji origins by using as much product, material, fruit, vegetable and cattle as possible.

Tennis, sports angling, yoga or simply just a swim are all easy leisure activities in this luxurious insular spa, but they are just the beginning. There is a round paddlingpool with a lagoon and organically formed sun bathing area. Every room has a en-suite bathroom, Jacuzzi and a beautiful furnished by Lynne Hunt from London.

On its own privately owned sandy beaches with large indoor pools, gardens, outside showers and yogadecks. Large outside area, en-suite bathroom, large terrace, large terrace, large terrace, large terrace, large terrace, large terrace, large terrace, large terrace, large terrace, large terrace, private swimming pool, direct access to the beach, garden with outdoor shower, large dining pavilion and yoga deck. It has a large outside bath area, a large bath tub, a large eating pavillon, a large outside terrace, a large terrace, a large terrace.

Outside area, en-suite bathroom, large outside area, gardens with outside showers, yogadeck, private indoor heated area. Located on Nawi Hill, with ocean view, open-air bathtub, oversize bathtub, garden withshower, Yogadeck. Please submit an enquiry for information on Laucala Island.

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