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to do Hawaii Oahu

While you meet our ocean friends, let us do the planning. Did I mention that all beaches in Hawaii are public? One of Oahu's most popular snorkeling spots, Hanauma Bay is the state's deadliest beach.

Must-see Must-eat Must-do-Oahu Part 2

Wellcome to the BEST Oahu, Hawaii Mail of your lifetime. ? In 2016 Dan and I were in Oahu for the first time!} It' been magic, but never there, it was a bit overpowering, I mean hello, it's Hawaii. However, quickly forward until March 2017, where we discussed it again, only this year we wanted to ask our good buddies Ben and Jo.

This trustworthy little card was so useful for the whole holiday with us, and we even added a few things on the way that weren't there before.

Not wanting to waste much of our day travelling around, so we planned our day accordingly. We' d get up really early {by Hawaii's standards} and then go. Again, the timing was definitely in our favour. ? And then towards the end, if there was something we wanted to do/visit/eat again, then we did it.

This is a gps based guide that takes you around the islands on a story telling trip. There' s a pair to pick from, so make sure you get the Oahu number. That was at the top of our "must see" shortlist and of course did not let us down!

It' all been an astonishing, humiliating, instructive and there' s a certain awe out there that you can't help but be thankful. We' also did the commented Bowfin Submarine trip and it was so much enjoy. We were four of us at luncheon that night and we all love what we got!

Iceland Vintage Ice: Well, on the road they say it's the BEST shaven popsicle on the whole thing, but I can't pick a fight. We were at the Royal Hawaiian Center in Honolulu and we were not disappointed. Well, if you want to spend a long time in Honolulu, I recommend you to spend the night in one of the many overnight accommodations at Waikiki Beach.

Imagine nightly strolls on the beaches, swimming every day... It gives you the feeling that you could not benefit from a stay in the town. If you want to hike on this side of the isle, we have been told that this hike was astonishing. We' re out of it and we couldn't push it in, but again - we've been hearing astonishing things and it's on our schedule for next year!

But we liked the area and I'm happy we were there. Located in the midst of a casual neighbourhood, this is exactly the way you want it to be. You can' t go any way wrong with everything from a pancake to the Hukilau Special and we love everything we ordered.

The advantage for us with the different amount of getting up in front of the crowd is one of the advantages. Dole Plantation: The Dole Plantation is located in the centre of the Isle. Though it took a little practise, we used to love it. Arrived at night and were so happy that we made it, because they closed at 5am!

It was just a much-needed, wholesome delicacy. This" Over the Rainbow Eats" and" The Elephant Food Truck" we used. We' ve enjoyed our stay here very much and suggest to experience it at least for a few mins. Aloha..... until next Oahu.

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