Al Fana

AI Fana

The Sufi mystics' goal is the extinction of their own existence before union with Allah. Noun[edit]. alfana f (plural alfane).

In Sufism, what is'Fana'?

That is my comprehension, but I am not a Sufi or Muslim and it is not necessary to be a believer to know Fana, although there is a custom in all faiths to achieve it as part of one' s own Christianity. The consciousness of the 5 consciousnesses is weakened by mediation, sense withdrawal, chamfering, entheogenes or a kind of mesmerizing dynamical activation ("whirling dervishes") and we can concentrate on the inner and subjectives with the right kind of concentration.

There is no point in searching for God and the inner struggle to conquer and destroy the ego is a necessary part of the meditation workout to reach the "state of consciousness" in which only "being" and "satisfaction" with what is lies without judgement. This state of mind - Pure Attention - gives us an insight that in this area we recognize that there is no physical world.

That is the FANA of the Sufi - the samadhi of the Eastern mystics, the "ecstasies" of the Christian mystics. Good cases of superphysical incidents with both Hindu yogis and Christian saints, such as the "levitations" observed below among the saints in a state of mystical rapture, are good anecdotes and testimonies:

Of course, nothing comes as a complete suprise to the Christian, because we know that there are repercussions when the Holy Spirit comes down and fulfills someone in this state of the Mystical Rapture. Through the ego out of the way, a loyal dispositions and a fervent faith, the mortal spirit becomes a channel for a greater, miraculous power in which we are living and moving and have our being.

Then FANA marked the first stage in the mystic journey of reincarnation, where the soul becomes a minister of the mind and the man's mind becomes a channel for the Holy Ghost and the Mighty. Genuine "holiness" assembles the "ascending bow" in fusion with "The One" before it is able to go down the downward bow and work this force in our 5-sense-life with love and discrimination.

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