Area of new Zealand's South Island

South Island area of New Zealand

On the South Island there are three main areas that do not get much rain:. The 10 Lowest Cost Cities to Living in New Zealand The Rotorua area also offers plenty of activities, making it the first option for a longer stay for experienced backpack tourists. Visit our Rotorua Guide for Returnpackers and the Accommodation Guide to Rotorua for more information about living in New Zealand's lowest priced city. High-End Winelands New Zealand is amazingly affordable.

Every cost-of-living indicator is pointing down, making Napier/Hastings a serious competitor for a cheaper livingĀ . Inexpensive living costs are just a surcharge. Just a brief ride south of Auckland, Whangarei is the ideal place for any backpackers with a vehicle. It' the gate to the breathtaking Bay of Islands and provides the closeness to New Zealand's largest town without the expense of its costly lifestyles (see Auckland at the end of this article).

Also, groceries and products are inexpensive thanks to the large Auckland discounters' frequent surpluses. Don't miss our accommodation guidebook to Whangarei and our Whangarei Backpacker Guidebook for more information about the town. The Manawatu is probably the most underestimated area on New Zealand's North Island.

Frequently just passing through, the area has a great deal to discover with hills and canyons. From lodgings in lodgings to apartments and everything in between, Palmerston North offers affordable homes. Also, the regional activity is inexpensive, far away from the big backpack hoists that have pushed up their prices in recent years.

Have a look at our accommodation guide to Palmerston North and Manawatu Guide for Backpackers. Having a reasonable cost of living, it is a great place to stop for a while and conserve for the next stage of your itinerary. Don't miss our accommodation guide to Tauranga and our Tauranga and Mt Maunganui Guide for backpackers.

South Island's largest town is the first of New Zealand's three best towns to be included in this Rank. When you need urban living at great value, Christchurch is for you with its lower rental and total costs of living as opposed to Wellington and Auckland. There are many job opportunities in the town, from building work to retailing and gastronomy.

If you want an even lower living costs, consider Christchurch's outskirts. There are many items about Christchurch, starting with our Accommodation Guide to Christchurchity ("and region") or our Christchurch Guide for Backpackers. The New Zealand hipsters town comes at hipsters rates. It is still much less costly than most of the other towns in Europe and the United States, but it is much less pricey than its neighbors on the Isle.

Visit our New Plymouth Guide for Backpackers and our Accommodation Guide to New Plymouth for more information about the Art Metropolis. Not surprisingly, New Zealand's capitol is one of the most costly towns in the state. If you are ranked 9th on this shortlist because of the high rents and total costs of living, we strongly advise you to go to the outskirts when you settle in Wellington.

Have a look at our Wellington (and surrounding area) accommodation guide and our Wellington guide for backpackers to make the most of your time in Wellington. Though not a town, Queenstown is a household name for most backpackers when it comes to workplaces. Learn more about living in the world's adventure capital in our Queenstown Guide for Backpackers and Accommodation Guide to Queenstown.

But we couldn't complete our listing without noting New Zealand's largest town, which is also New Zealand's most costly. At the top of the top of the list of the most costly town in the land with the highest price and highest living costs, Auckland is by far the least likely place to be.

Therefore, the competitors in the search for a career in Auckland are very high. Auckland, on the other side, is always busy and the town is often at the top of the list of the "most livable towns in the world". If you want to stay in Auckland, please consult our Auckland Central Guide for Backpackers (and region) and our Accommodation Guide for Auckland Central (and region).

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