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Creation of orthographies for endangered languages Jersey Norman France is one of the most important research monographs: An Linguistic Study of an Obsolescent Dialect (2001), The Guernsey Norman France Traductions de Thomas Martin : Jones has edited several books, among them Language Change: Combination of internal, external and non-linguistic factors (with Edith Esch, 2002), The language and questions of identity (with Wendy Ayres-Bennett, 2007), Les Langues Normandes: Pluralit, Normes, Representations (2009) and Language and Social Structure in Urban France (with David Hornsby, 2013). It is the Herausgeberin von Keeping Languages Alive (mit Sarah Ogilvie, Cambridge, 2013), Endangered Languages and New Technologies (Cambridge, 2014) et Policy and Planning for Endangered Languages (Cambridge, 2015). One of his most important works is the monograph in Southern French:

Opening Week Rotuman Language Week 2018

In another premiere, they also produced a language diagram to help those new to the language, which will be of particular use to the younger population. The Chairman, Mr Faga Fasala, said: "We have taken the initiatives with our own means and ressources to move things forward and rescue our own language".

"Language makes us who we are and is part of our own cultural identity," said Mr Fasala, "and it is our obligation to protect this priceless Taiong. It is hoped that the group' s weekly events will help to unite the Rotuman community and present the Rotuman world. As part of the programme, a special press conference will be organized to promote the Rotuman community's cultural heritage to the general population.

The Rotumans are an independent ethnical group with their own language, cultural and cultural heritage and identities and come from the island of Rontum. On 13 May 1881 the British conquered the city of Rothuma ("Rotuma Day"). Even though it is its own country, Fiji currently manages it as a dependent.

It is called an'untouched paradise' with some of the most unspoilt and stunning shores in the game.

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