The Capital City of Vanuatu

Vanuatu, the capital

?vi?l? /?p?

?rt ?vi?l?/ is the capital and largest city of Vanuatu.

Chestnut-coloured vanuatu

Vanuatu, a three and a half hour drive from Sydney, is a true dream. There are 83 islets in a Y-shaped arcipelago stretching over 800 kilometers of the Pacific Ocean halfway between Australia and Hawaii. Vanuatu's largest islets are Santo, Malekula, Efate, Ambrym, Erromango and Tanna.

With some of the most dramatic and diverse marine life in the South Pacific, the seas around our fine archipelago offer some of the most exciting and diverse marine explorations, and seasoned scuba diver come from all over the globe to dive among the WWII wreck spread across the sea floor. Vanuatu's capital, Port Vila is located on the Efate Isle in the provinces of SHEFA.

Nowadays Efate provides a secure mooring for those who are visiting the capital Port Vila by ship, and there is Bauerfield, the world' s largest aircraft airport, about 10 min by car from the capital. Port-Vila is the gate to Vanuatu. Ni-Vanuatu have inhabited these archipelago for hundreds of years and most of them have spoken Melanese, the population speaks more than 115 different tongues and English, French and Bislama, a kind of pythagni.

The Vanuatu region is considered one of the most cultural and varied parts of the globe. Bougainville, the discoverer of France, came almost 160 years later and in 1774 Captain James Cook mapped all the island and called the New Hebrides. 1839 in an attempt to force Ni Vanuatu to follow the west ways and Christianity, John Williams was beaten to death by the Nazis and ate.

However, the natives had no defence against the slavers, known as black-birders, who were shanghaing more than 40,000 humans on the Australian sugaryards. During the 1860' s, UK and France interests bought large areas of ground for plantation and the Ni Vanuatu returned the favour by murdering a number of Europeans, only to experience large-scale marine bombing of their communities.

In 1906 the British and the Romans colonised the island together. Throughout World War II, the 250,000 Americans based in Vanuatu carried huge quantities of freight, which prompted the Ni Vanuatu to believe that this huge fortune could only come from the deities. In July 1980, the New Hebrides achieved independence and were re-named Vanuatu.

The Vanuatu has luxuriant rain forests, volcanos, sparkling aquatic lakes, waterfall cascades and sandy areas ranging from silvery whites to volcanically blacks. Around the country lies a magical ocean of aquatic and deep blueness with a captivating marine life of colorful tropic marine life living in the midst of beautiful freshwater caves.

In Vanuatu there are a number of world-class hostels and resort facilities, as well as great telecommunications facilities and airlines that can link you to the city. They have some of the most scenic and uniquely touristic sites in the South Pacific. The Vanuatu region is home to two major tourism destinations, Land Diving on South Pentecost and the Yasur Vulcano on Tanna.

There are also wonderful coral, cascades, bush walks, historic and wonderful scuba dives, angling and a variety of adventurous activities. Vanuatu's civilization is not only conserved, but breath-taking, as the local population still lives on the tradition and value of its forefathers. The city is known for its very quiet and abundant natural surroundings.

Investments on these islands are welcome and there are many possibilities, especially in the areas of travel, farming, forestry-fishing. Vanuatu The Vanuatu The Vanuatu Investments Promotion Authority (VIPA) is a single point of contact to assist in facilitating the processes of prospective investees interested in the city. The Vanuatu is a haven of taxation. We have no personal incomes taxation on the incomes of the business or workers, no capital yields taxation, no liberty to return capital.

This and other attractions provided by the state, outstanding connections to Australia, New Zealand and the rest of the globe by sea and sea, outstanding telecommunications service, a burgeoning tourism sector and the powerful acknowledgement of the importance of overseas and domestic investments in the state by all governmental and governmental authorities make this an ideal moment to make investments in Vanuatu.

The Vanuatu Group embraces investment from all over the globe and is encouraging even domestic investment to grow and broaden its business. Mr Vanuatu is a member of the trade agreement of the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG). This MSG Trade Agreement is a text expressing the close ties between its members (Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu).

There are no immunizations necessary, but anti-malarial measures suggested for visiting the external isles. Nationals of the member states of the Melanesische Speerspitze are visa-free for journeys to the Republic of Fiji Island, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Isle, and Vanuatu. The capital Port Vila is a frequent destination for Air Vanuatu, Air Caledonie, Solomon Airlines and Air Pacific.

Vanuatu Air also offers flights to 29 international destinations in the 6 Vanuatu-province area.

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