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It is a popular holiday destination where tourist groups arrive every week. Breathtaking new video of Tahiti Tourism will inspire you. Wellcome to Samoa Observer Channel. This is the official tourist and travel guide for Denmark with Danish hotel links, maps, pictures and more inspiration for your holiday in Denmark. A video message from Sir Richard Branson, Founder Virgin Group.

Agri-Tourism Farm to Table application de launchedes femmes d'affaires

Woman in Business Development Incorporated (W.I.B.B.D.I.) est une nouvelle ferme agrotourisme de la ferme à la table App für Forroid Smartphones Gestartet. On Wednesday, the event took place at the Samoa Tourism Authority Fale's overnight bio-park. Lopao'o Natanielu Mua, Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, gave the opening speech and formally announced the Agri-Tourism Farm to Table App.

Celebrating W.I.B.D.I.'s practicality and ingenuity, the Minister of Fisheries and Farming also recognized that his ministry could do much more to help such organizations and implement such as these. Built by Skyeye with the assistance of the C. T. A. and C. T. C. A. Technology Centre for Agrarian and Countryside Cooperation, the CAP was created to help W. I. B. D. I. work to ensure that more growers receive a steady stream of incomes from farming organically.

Faamuina Felolini Tafuna'i, communication expert at W.I.B.D.I., said the application came from an African farming event in 2014, where she found that Caribbean peasants were using this land. Even though the projekt took 3 years, they are satisfied with the results, especially because it is a 100% Samoan crew behind it.

This agri- tourism farming to dinner application is aimed at highlighting biological and W.I.B.D.I. biological tourism partnering. This will also promote the work of W.I.B.D.I. and help to make it easier to register and order and sell bio-baskets. Specifically, the application shows both restaurants/hotels and growers who have joined forces with W.I.B.D.I. to offer bio foods and to indicate their locations, navigational and social contacts.

It also has a feature for visitors and local residents to order W.I.B.D.I. items, and finally, the organisation is hoping to provide an order feature for those who want to buy their own food bins.

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