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SK's opinion about who Samoa Joe will compete against at WrestleMania 34 and how he will get there. Witness Samoa Joe have had a strange but relatively good WWE squad run since his debut on RAW in January when he assaulted Seth Rollins on the orders of Triple H. For example, it was a disappointment that the two-time NXT champion was not even on the WrestleMania 33 map in April.

However, it seems Joe has been on a euphoric boom since his vendetta with Universal Champion Brock Lesnar in a July Great Balls Of Fire PPV game.

Apparently, the rivalry with Lesnar Joe's reserve ascent with higher WWE officers saw something that many saw as unlikely with the Samoan BullDozer still seen as TNA and ROH alumni. That newly found trust WWE had in Joe became apparent because, though he was only to have a PPV fight with Lesnar, the firm ended up putting Joe in another universal title competition at SummerSlam August.

Lesnar's Fatal 4-way major show, which also featured Braun Strowman and Reigns (Lesnar kept his championship after reigning pinning). That was unhappy because there were rumours that Joe would play The Miz for the intercontinental title at the No Mercy Show in September (originally WWE had intended to play Joe against Cena, but moved to Cena against Reigns).

Neither of us know if Joe should beat the IC championship. So the Samoan Submission Machine would finally come back to the RAW issue of Monday Night RAW on October 30 and lighten Apollo crews. One Samoa Joe against Finn Balor vendetta. Although they were beaten in a battle that ended in a twofold countdown on November 6, they set aside their disagreements to join Team RAW for the Survivor Series 5-on-5 Elimination game against Team SmackDown on the 19 of the same week.

They were both defeated during the game, but their side won. Samoa Joe began getting into The Shield in December and opposing the group with Sheamus and Cesaro. That one saw the resurrection of a Joe and Reign (who is the Intercontinental Champion) dispute, especially when Joe (kayfabe) assaulted Dean Ambrose two week ago and put him out of commission for nine month, much to the annoyance of The Big Dog, who unfettered an assault on Joe on Christmas Day RAW, which led Joe to win her IC TTItle fight of DQ (BUT Reigns retain).

This is because I foretold how Reigns dropped his IC track, which was the only Samoa Joe. Thought Reigns would be defending his sash against Joe and a third man at the Royal Rumble on January 28. That third man is The Miz, and Joe would defeat The Miz to defeat the championship.

After the Survivor Series, when he dropped the IC track to Reigns and was then led by Novel and the remainder of The Shield through the announcer's console. So The Miz will want a return match for the championship, as well as retaliation on their return. Unfortunately there is a dip in my prediction, because a few hour ago RAW GM Kurt Angle used Twitter to announce that Reigns will put his IC championship against Samoa Joe on the line, and Joe will be Champ if Reigns is called out.

So......... what if The Miz would retreat by assaulting Samoa Joe and ending the game by disqualifying Reigns, and JOE BECOMING THE NEW IC CAMPION. Reigns can respectably let the song fall, i.e. he will not badly predict his fight with Lesnar.

In the Rumble, WWE can protect Joe against Reigns and Miz in a three-fold menace game ('cause both have a share in a championship rematch) by attaching or submissioning The Miz. Next is what would they do with Joe, who leads in WrestleMania 34? Now, in the PPV elimination chamber, I'd be betting that Joe will play The Miz, who hasn't won his individual fight for the IC championship yet, although it was due in November.

In addition, both are likely to take part with 4 other super stars in a major Men's Elimination Chamber events this evening, which would be the No. 1 in the WrestleMania 34 World Championships, with Reigns the winner so he can compete against Lesnar. WWE will try to put Joe up for his WrestleMania 34 fight in the same fight I think it will be Finn Balor we were talking about before and who will probably be separate from the Chamber's major game.

He could be the one to eliminate Joe, and that would mean he could now say that he beat the IC Champion, and he has a legitimate right to a WrestleMania championship title................now. With a correct booking, a Joe vs. Balor contest could be stealing the show towards World Cup 34, and that would definitely give the Intercontinental Championship great prominence, while we know that their game would be great.

He would be the winner of the Demon King's Old Man because November showed he couldn't hit Joe one to one like only the simple Finn Balor.

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