Samoa Weather January

Weather Samoa January

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Samoa, USA - Weather in January 2018 in Samoa, USA

American Samoa in January is affected by the tropical wet weather. If you are travelling to American Samoa in January, you can expect: usually rainy, sometimes thunderstorms and sunshine and very warmer. During the whole of January the Heatwave with unpleasant cold weather and mean temperatures is anticipated via 31?

If the weather is too cold, it could seriously hurt you. Normally the first one is the hotest one in January. it' important to know that there can be storms and thunder. Meteorological occurrences that may arise during the journey to Samoa: 18 x (rain), 3 x (thunderstorm), Samoa in January ý sunshine and very cold weather with almost completely overcast skies.

The best holiday season in Samoa 2018. Verify the January temperatures curve: The graph shows the dates of the last 10 years. In January, the average cloudy season is around 63%. The January is usually a wet and wet months. Throughout the year, January is the coolest months in Samoa.

Thirsty cold January. Temperatures at nights this months could even be 22?! Everybody should be ready for storms and thunder. Roughly 36 (Evident discomfort) to 38 (Evident discomfort) in the course of a January. Frequently the best way to determine how pleasant the weather is for a traveller.

If you are travelling to Samoa, you should keep in mind that lower and higher levels of condensation are drier and more dehumid. Above the default January-dewpoint is about 24 (very moist, rather unpleasant). In the course of a classic January, the length of the days decreases by about 13 mins.

Daybreak is 31 January and offers 12 h 44 min sunlight, 6:12 AM at dawn and 6:56 PM at dusk and the longest of the days is 01 January with 12 h 57 min sunlight, 5:55 AM at dawn and 6:53 PM at dusk. There are 13 light-hour days on avarage in this time.

In January the windspeed varies between 7 km/h and 13 km/h. In January an average of 29?, i.e. sunshine and very hot, is anticipated The best suited atmospheric inflation rate for cardio-vascular well being is 1016HP.

Usually the barometric is lower in January. Much more humidity is anticipated in January. Accurate January American Samoa weather forecasts (based on archived weather data):

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