Where is American Samoa

And where is American Samoa?

It has units on three tropical islands (Tutuila, Ta'? and Ofu) in the territory of American Samoa in the South Pacific. HALF-WORLD from the rest of the nation, American Samoa is the United States' only claim to South Pacific territory. U.S.

Dollar (USD) American Samoa Definition: the part of Samoa administered by the USA.

Samoan Americans are suing the US in search of nationality.

Filing in the U.S. District Court in Utah, where all three claimants reside, the suit requires that all persons who have been immigrated to American Samoa be accorded nationality and related privileges, as well as new identity cards that reflect this state. Samoa, an island in the South Pacific with about 55,000 inhabitants, has been an unregistered US territorial area since 1900.

It' the only US non-birthly US non-U.S. nationality area. He is a non-U.S. national, a statute that deprives him of the full right of American nationality. Complainants are also seeking the U.S. State Department to declare them "non-citizens" who were unconstitutionally deported under the 14th century.

"For civilians, like other Americans in American Samoa, the pledge of the fourteenth amendment of the ties has not been fulfilled," the trial says. Pooja Jhunjhunwala, a spokesperson for the Foreign Ministry, refused to make a statement and quoted a departmental dispute resolution strategy. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit in 2015 decided against a similar appeal of the State Departement Policies by five American Samoans and found that the 14th Circuit of Appeals for the District of Columbia is not in the best interests of the State Party.

On a territorial level, the US Congress has previously determined whether those who have been borne in the various OCTs such as Puerto Rico, Guam, the US Virgin Islands and Northern Mariana Islands will become US nationals as well. Nationality would give applicants full US passes and such privileges as the possibility of voting in domestic polls if they live in a US state.

If one of their parent was a US national at the time of childbirth, those children who have been borne in the area are eligible for US nationalities. You can also exercise the naturalised US nationality. American Samoa has spoken out against birthrights and said it could endanger Samoan culture.

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