Taveuni Island Resort and Spa Fiji

The Taveuni Island Resort and Spa Fiji

Booking Taveuni Island Resort & Spa, Taveuni Island on TripAdvisor: Fiji Taveuni Island Resort & Spa Logo. Adult ultra exclusive - Fiji Beachfront Hideaway only. Check hotel rates and find the lowest price for Taveuni Island Resort & Spa Hotel in Matei. Matei Butukia, Matei * Fiji Hotel.

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The Taveuni Island Resort & Spa Quick Pitch - Taveuni Island Resort is a privately held resort in the hands of the charming Cammick familiy. Taveuni Island Resort & Spa has won many accolades for excellence in service and dedication to their quest management, including: Top Boutique Resort in Fiji, Connoisseurs' Choice of Resorts & Great Hotels of the World, One of the Top 100 Places in the World to View before you The!

You will find romantically decorated, stylish, private, luxury mansions with spectacular views. The Taveuni Island Resort & Spa Prices - Room prices begin at US$550 per room per day (double occupancy). Arrival - The resort is 2 minutes by car from Matei International on Taveuni Island and provides free transfer from the Aiport. Scuba Dive Overview - Taveuni is a great dive on the renowned Rainbow Fish River, which is situated in Somosomo Strait and has great coral and many great white tip and grey shark reefs and Nurse Shark.

Taveuni Island Resort is a partnership with Taveuni Ocean Sports, inviting every liveaboard and sea fan to enjoy some of the wealthiest and most vibrant snorkelling, sailing and windsurfing in the Caribbean. Offering world-class Phuket Open Water Paradise certification, Taveuni, Fiji offers world-class Phuket certification as well as a range of services from basic to advanced instruction.

The luxurious Taveuni Island Resort & Spa Accommodation Overview - The luxurious villa (Bures) are over 100m2 in area and are constructed with local Taveuni woods. They are open and the lounges open into a generous open air area overlooking the sea and islets. Every office has a small kitchen area for a snack and drink in the room and all food is provided in our resort so you can fully unwind and fully appreciate your sojourn.

Matalau, the biggest mansion, has its own personnel and a personal kitchen manager, so that the guest is spoiled all around. They have a wonderful view of the sea and the nearby tropic garden. There is a living room and bathroom on a seperate floor. The breathtaking view of the sea and the nearby island is breathtaking.

Breathtaking seaviews can be enjoyed from your idyllic king-size cot. The house has a large living area and two en-suite rooms, each with its own bathroom with internal showers and a bathroom with a marine-view. Nokonoko gLuxury Garden is situated amidst colourful, luxurious and luxurious tropic garden with a minimum view of the open seas, on two levels with its own living room and double room, an interior and exterior bathroom and a large roofed lanai area.

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