Chatham Islands Time

Chatam Islands Time

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Changes in time zones & clocks in Chatham Islands, New Zealand

Above chart shows the changes of the Chatham Islands in 2018. Please be aware that the Chatham Islands use a specific quarter-hour time area. Chatham Island is observing Chatham Island Default Time (CHAST), which is 12 and 45 hrs ahead of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) during the same time. Chatham Island Daylight Time (CHADT) with a +13:45 AM UV off-set is used during daylight saving time.

It is an outlying area of New Zealand, 873 kilometres (542 miles) eastwards of Christchurch. Changes to daylight saving time (daylight saving time) do not have to be made at the same time every year. Timezone switch for: All time is Chatham Island's time. The next modification is emphasized.

In 1868, the Chatham Islands standardised their time to 12hrs and 15min before Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), the then global time standards. Although the 1945 Default Time Act used UTC+12 in New Zealand, the Chatham Islands formally stopped their watches 45 mins off the coast.

The New Zealand Parliament formalised the time gap in 1956 by changing the Standard Time Act 1945. Summertime was established in 1974 with the Time Act 1974 in the Chatham Islands and New Zealand.

The Chatham Island Time -

New Zealand's Time Act 1945 stipulates that New Zealand's default time must be 12-hour before GMT (excluding daylight saving time) and applies to the whole of New Zealand, such as the Chatham Islands. But the Chatham Islanders put their watches 45 mins before the remainder of New Zealand. It' s also unclear why the time zones were adjusted to UTC+12:45 instead of watching the time on New Zealand's continent.

Commenting on this, the Minister for the Navy, who is a UK-style regular official, noted that there were some problems for seafarers that concerned the distinction between legitimate time and time used by the Chatham Islanders. Chatham Islanders have decided whether to use New Zealand's normal time or stay 45 mins in advance.

It was voted on in May 1955 in order to ensure consistency. There were two voices in favour of New Zealand's default time and 35 for the 45 minute time ahead of New Zealand's default time. The New Zealand Parliament formalised the Chatham Islanders' 1956 ruling by changing the 1945 Standards Time Act to extend the time on the Chatham Islands by 45 min before New Zealand's time.

New Zealand did not have summer time at that time, nor did the Chatham Islands. The New Zealand Parliament adopted the Time Act in 1974. The law stipulates that the default time on the Chatham Islands is 45 min before New Zealand's default time.

It does not give an formal name to the time that followed in the Chatham Islands. The Chatham Islands comply with daylight savings time when the remainder of New Zealand does (so that the Chatham Islands are always 45 min from New Zealand). Chatham Islands watch summer time from the last Sunday in September to the first Sunday in April of each year, as do the remainder of New Zealand.

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