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There were no weather stations found for American Samoa.

Meteorological Department says they take classes learnt from Gita to the Hart | American Samoa

AMERICAN SAMOA Pago Pago - Elinor Lutu-McMoore, senior meteorologist at the Weather Services Of cei ( "WSO") in Tafuna said that she has learnt a great deal from the Tropian Current Gita from cei and this will help to enhance her services to the general population in the futuro. It was particularly significant that the weather services were down during the Gita when the electricity and communication cables at the NSO site failed.

As a result, a number of community radios and others searched for information about the storm/cyclone to look at the weather station in Samoa and Fiji, whose communications system was still working. "One of the things everyone was very worried about during the gita was our strength, and that is one of the many things we are working on right now.

Asked about the absence of an emergency electricity source for her offices during the hurricane, Lutu-McMoore said her offices had an emergency electricity generating set that worked when the American Samoa Authority (ASPA) electricity went out on the mornings of February 9. "Our emergency alternator ran well immediately when the ASPA failed, unfortunately the alternator worked about 50 mins before the total breakdown - and went out this morning," said Lutu-McMoore.

lutu-mcmore said she was grateful to the department of homeland security for supplying an emergency power generating set. As the meteorologist said, one of the learnt from Gita was that they need to do servicing on their alternator - including parts - to prevent anything like what was happening during Gita to occur in the future. What did Gita do?

As our weather services office was losing energy, Lutu-McMoore said that the Honolulu Forecast Office took over the output of weather forecasts for American Samoa. "I can see why some of our guys were disappointed when the electricity went out and there were no weather forecasts for them during the outbreak. We have learnt a great deal from Gita, as I have already said, which gave us the go-ahead and what we should work on in the near term to improve our service," says Lutu-McMoore.

"I ask the municipality to give their feed-back to the weather department, whether it's good or not, because from there we can establish good cooperation with the municipality in the future," she said. Lu-McMoore expressed its thanks to the ASPA and ASTCA teams and many other ASG agents who were there.

The Gita told the fellowship that what they have learnt from the Gita teachings will help them to fulfil their commitment in the vision.

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