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Great Barrier Island Bee Co. is blended with the finest quality Manuka Honey and natural ingredients to soothe, nourish and balance your skin. Inspiration and source for this unique bathing and body line is the Great Barrier Island, located just off the coast of Auckland, New Zealand. Buy Honey-based Natural Body Care from Great Barrier Island Bee Co. Buy Great Barrier Island Bee Co;

online New Zealand Pharmacy. The Great Barrier Island Bee Co.

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They all use high grade formulas with our Manuka Honey (UMF15), which is mixed with other benefits such as almond oil, beeswax, shea butter, propolis, royal jelly and olive oil. The Manuka tree flowers in early springs in September and October. It almost looks like there has been a lot of snows around parts of the island!

Royale jelly is a lactic compound produced by the workers. Jelly is excreted by glandulars in the bee's skull. It' known as bee milk. When used regularly, Royal Jelly can help with tighter and more supple skins. Bees use propolis to prevent the beehive from infection and loss of damp.

Left a safety barrier. The beeswax is a naturally occurring product of the beehive of honeybees. A beekeeper usually uses 10 kg of honeys to make 1 kg of honeys. I have now purchased a can of Les Blackwellâs Les Blackwellâs Manual Spa Honeys & Lemon Grass now.

Amazing gadget, I work as a skipper in Queenstown on the Shotover Riviera, a very muddy stream that dries your palms every single working days, this creme works so well for me. I got some honeysuckle creme from my little girl. It is great for very dehydrated garden and household use.

This year I purchased some in New Zealand and it did my palms good. I' ve got pretty bad pancreatitis, and your curative skin care was really good for it.

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The Great Barrier Island Bee Co. is a calming, soap-free mixture that..... Great Barrier Island Bee Co.'s easy-to-retract and lightweight lotion..... These Matakana Botanicals Great Barrier Island Bee Co. Wrapping package contains handwash, nurturing bodies..... The Great Barrier Island Bee Co.

Great Barrier Island Bee Co. is a lightweight and easy-absorbing lotion..... Developed to clean, rub and rejuvenate your whole organism, this traditional Japan.... Built with a careful attention to detail, this naturally occurring loopah shower scratch wash pad..... A handheld wood peeling tool for use on your skin with.....

The exfoliating face brush is approx. 14.5 cm long and can be used on the face.....

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