Lomaiviti Islands

The Lomaiviti Islands

Fill in your details once and have TripAdvisor search several websites to find the best prices for flights to the Lomaiviti Islands. Lomaiviti Group is the perfect place to experience the relaxed island life and visit the Unesco World Heritage in Levuka. Lomaiviti Islands are located east of Viti Levu in central Fiji. Its three largest islands are Gau, Ovalau and Koro. Booking Top Lomaiviti Islands Resorts.

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The Lomaiviti Group & Ovalau Travelling

In spite of its closeness to Viti Levu, the Lomaiviti Group is often ignored as a traveler' s paradise in Fiji. The first Europeans established themselves in Levuka, the capitol of the Ovalau Islands, and finally made it the first capitol of the state. The small islands of Leleuvia and Caqalai, situated just southwards of Ovalau, have sand and good snorkeling opportunities and easy, inexpensive resort sites.

Upstate is Koro with its stunning dive site, family-friendly Naigani and Wakaya Islands luxurious resorts. Visiting sharksbill tortoises to spawn their nests, and a podshell bumpback whale is passing the eastern shore of Ovalau on its yearly hike between May and September. Ovalau and the Lomaiviti Islands were unfortunately severely affected by Cyclone Winston in 2016.

The Lomaiviti Group | Lomaiviti and Lau Guide

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Best hotels of the Lomaiviti archipelago

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