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Maui' Oahu

It' s got a surfer, hippie, small-town feel, and if we were to visit Oahu again, I'd rent an Air Bnb in this area. Maui with a 12 month old child - Honolulu Message Board

Hi, I have been reading some articles on this subject, but I would like to receive more recent feedback about someone who has gone to either Oahu or Maui with a 12 month old newborn. We have been to Oahu before, so we are a little acquainted with Honolulu and its area.

We' ve been told that Maui is also a great place, but a little less to do on this isle. Mr. I don't think there's any less to do in Maui. everything hinges on what you like to "do", I think - it's just different isles, with different things to see and do.

It' not that there is less to do on Maui. Maui, however, has less nightlife than Oahu, if that's what you mean. There is no distinction between the island for infants. It slows down a part of your child but if you watch him with a bucket and a scoop on the sandy beach, he will be rewarded!

Maybe if your infant doesn't like the ride, it's a good idea to come back to Oahu. It' s much simpler to get around Oahu than the other isles, it needs less to get where you want to be. The Honolulu Sanctuary and its fish tank. Observe tiki on the shore.

All I would have avoided would be organised trips, because you never know when the child wants to be somewhere else and starts to be! To drive in the abandoned Maui is the only thing I wouldn't choose. Maui and even Kauai are places we travel a great deal just to see or do things.

To Oahu and especially Waikiki have a great deal to do & to see in a nearer environment, like what Plumeria D is referring to. Oahu also has some particularly child-friendly recreational and leisure facilities that may or may not be available to a 12-month-old person. Twelve moths can be tough, it's not necessarily going to bed anywhere all the while babies stadium.

You can have a lot of pleasure on both islands if you remain agile. We visited Oahu and Maui several time for a short trip. My (then) 14 months old boy was brought to Oahu last year and he really liked it, especially every kind of waters (beach or pool), draught and ko lake in the DOLES orchard, fish tank, trolley, petting around the park, and just about.

It' so beautiful that it is very child-friendly almost everywhere, and if you have a curious little one, he will like it! Maui should be busy, I know. It' only as my man describes the Isle of Maui.... he sounded as if there were only volcanos and "not much" to do with a newbie there.

When you took your newborn to Hawaii, were you at a motel? It is very near the bricked sandy beaches, where the sea is quieter from the intermission, and there is a coach stop right in front of the door. But he has settled in very well and would like to have some of our meals, even try his first few frames while we were there.

Mum and dad can still experience "holidays" in the home when the child is sleeping or going to bed early. Maui' not tall. It is 20 min. from the airfield to South Maui and a little more to West Maui. but if there is no problem with the auto disease, Road to Hana is a good one.

Iao Valley is a brief stopover, with the Bailey House Muzeum near by. There are many easily accessible snorkelling and free carpark.

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