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The Great Barrier Island - The official website of the local government. The Great Barrier Island is the only wilderness hike of several days in the Auckland region with two DOC huts and numerous campsites. The Great Barrier Island is one of New Zealand's most beautiful destinations. Forecast for Great Barrier Island (New Zealand). This forecast shows the local time for Great Barrier Island.

Top 10 Things You Should Know About Great Barrier Island

Helpful information for the first visitors to Great Barrier Island. Packages........ The island has no mains grid, so there are no street lamps and because the local people use the solar and solar energies, there is sometimes only restricted access to electricity. There''s no bank or ATM on the island.

The majority of shops and suppliers accepts payment and/or EFTPOST OS and, according to the season, you can usually use your EFPOS account to withdraw money. All of the streets on the Great Barrier are curvy, small, often unsheathed and have no midline. People visiting the Great Barrier Island are often astonished that there is no means of transportation.

You will find shuttles and transfers all over the island. In the hectic summers, the need for hire cars can be greater than the available capacities, so you should make a good and early booking. One of the greatest risks for Great Barrier Island is fire. Please call the Great Barrier Island Service Centre on 09 429 0258 for information on approval.

The Great Barrier Island is free of opossums, ermines, weasel and brown weasel. The island has no hypermarkets, but the general shops offer a good selection of groceries such as fruits, vegetables, dairy products and loaf. Claris, Whagaparapara and Port Fitzroy also have similar dealers. Filling stations are located at Mulberry Grove Store, Claris, Whagaparapara Wharf and Port Fitzroy Wharf.

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Backpacker's Guide to Great Barrier Island

Aotea Track, the only multi-day island walk in the Auckland area, leads through the core of the Great Barrier Game. This walk is called after the Maori name of the Great Barrier Island, Aotea, and takes you through a wide range of landscapes: cliffy but completely clear creeks, peaks, thick rainforests and over footbridges.

But one thing is for sure, the Aotea Tracks promise three adventures! There is so much to say on this route that we have made a Guide to the Aotea Tracks just for you. Aside from breathtaking shores and imposing peaks, Great Barrier Island also has some concealed characteristics that are well deserved to be discovered.

Take the Hot Springs Track from Whangaparapara Road (45 min. each way). Windy Canyon consists of craggy cliffs from Whangapoua Beach in the north-east to Medlands Beach in the south-east with fantastic outlooks. From Aotea Road it is only 10 min. to the Palmers Track.

Name after the island's famous falls, it is a beautiful place for a bath. Access is via the Warren's Creek Track (1 hr each way), which starts about 1 km from Port FitzRoy. It is also a good option to the street from Port Fitzroy to camping Akapoua.

A number of inexpensive camp sites are located in stunning coastlines on Great Barrier Island. It' a great choice if you want to chill out on the beaches or capture some of these waters. Well-equipped camping sites on the island. The Medlands Strand camping site is of course located near the vast Medlands Strand in the south-east of the island, which is a favourite surfing spot and competitive hot spot.

Camping Awana is another great place to go surfing, especially for advanced surfers. The Harataonga Camping site has snorkeling and swim. There are two ways to reach the beach: the approach route to the shore or the adventure trail where you can paddle over a small mouth. Use the Harataonga Walkway (4-5 hours) along the shore, which links the Harataonga campground with the Aotea Roads and the entrance to the Whangapoua campground.

Camping is located at the mouth of the river and near a big windsurf stop at low water. As many of the Hauraki Gulf islets, Great Barrier Island is abundant in indigenous New Zealand avifauna. Though many of the bird species you may see elsewhere in New Zealand, it is unlikely that you can get a wealth together as you can on Great Barrier Island, especially in the pesticide area of Glenfern Sanctuary near Port FitzRoy and Rakitu Island, 2. 5km off the eastern shore of Great Barrier.

There are some animals that can only be seen on Great Barrier and Little Barrier Island, for example the African assault. If you take the streets around the island, you will see many "duck crossings". The Great Barrier is home to two third of New Zealand's ducks, which are mainly found at nigh. If you are walking near brooks, watch out for the Chevronskink with tooth-shaped marks on its back, which can only be found here and on Little Barrier Island.

Don't miss the chance to explore the Great Barrier by boot, canoe or snorkel. The Great Barrier Island is located 90 km north east of the city centre of Auckland. As these modes of transportation involve such different experience, we suggest the Great Barrier Island and Auckland. The Great Barrier Island is served by either Great Barrier Airlines or FlyMySky from Auckland Airport (domestic terminal) in Manukau.

They can also travel from North Shore Airfield in Dairy Flat with Great Barrier Airlines. It is also noteworthy that over Auckland and Hauraki Gulf is a pleasure in itself. Usually the aeroplane is low enough to take great pictures of many islets, while high enough to get a view of the Coromandelpeninsula which is from the continent.

Enjoy the approach to the island by motorboat to really appreciate the greatness of the mountain and the lofty outcrops. Zealink dock in Port Fitzroy in the north-west of the island and/or Tryphena in the south-west. There is another great view of the Hauraki Gulf, with the shuttle you can see some of the breathtaking isles and animals.

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