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Attractions of Oahu

Entrance to top attractions at a reasonable price. Our last favorite spot on Oahu is on the extreme southwest side of the island. Are you looking for fun Oahu activities? Look at these places for the best Oahu hike. Other Oahu (HI area) Wild Side Specialty Tours.

Hawaii Sights and Activity

The Oahu is a one-of-a-kind island that finds a place in the heart of many peoples. Also Oahu offers a stunning environment, ideal for a relaxing time. Hongulu is the largest town in Oahu and Hawaii. It is an island full of historical and cultural richness, full of welcoming faces and unbelievable adventures.

Visiting the number one attraction, Pearl Harbor and the Arizona Memorial. Respect the day's hero who sent the United States to World War II and embark on a landscape tour around Oahu, which includes North Shore Beach, Nu'uanu Pali Lookout and the Dole Pineapple Plantation. On the Pearl Harbor & Honolulu City Highlights Double Decker Bus Tour you can take a whole new look at the Isle.

Enjoy the nice outdoor climate while experienced coaches tell you about your itinerary. Waikiki Trolley will take you to the most important sights of Oahu and more! Enjoy breathtaking views. Relive the full Second World War series, from the Pearl Harbor shock assault to the capitulation of the USS Missouri by the Yemen.

Included in your adventurous tour: There is also the possibility to mix your Zip-Line adventures with a funny minigolf in the same place. From Oahu to Hilo for an all-day Big Island volcano adventures trip where you will see Hawaii's only volcanic activity and waterfall cascade during an exhilarating helidrive.

Oahu's Waimea Canyon & Riversbo Ride Combo Tour is a sightseeing interisland tour that shows you the stunning views of Waimea Canyon, followed by a Wailua river cruise - the only riverbank tour in all of Hawaii!

Best Oahu Hiking Areas | Oahu Activities

The Oahu walks offer some of the best walks on the islands. You can easily reach all these places to see and experience the beauties of Oahu from our Waikiki Hotel. If you are looking for Oahu activities that give you a moment's view of the beauties of our beautiful islands, visit these trails:

For many, the Diamond Head Walk is one of the best Oahu itineraries. Perhaps it is because this route with one of our most popular attractions provides a close-up adventure. The discovery of the mighty Diamond Head on a walk is something that brings back reminiscences. From the top of Diamond Head, the views are truly stunning.

Walking to the summit of Diamond Head lasts only about half an h. Often one sees kids and senior citizens on the way to the summit. A 1-mile walk to Makapuuuu Lighthouse is quite easy, with only a small climb for some who come to the Makapuuuu area.

From the top of this path you can also see our neighbouring Lanai and Molokai isles. Kaiwa Ridge is a funny walk that starts in a neighbourhood and goes a quick 1/4 mil to Lanikai Pillbox. From the top vantage point you have a stunning view of the unspoilt and spotless Lanikai Beach (another of the best Oahu activities near our hotel).

For more exercise, continue on the Kaiwa Ridge Trail to the next pill cover, which only extends your walk for a few extra minute and shortens the whole one-way trip to just under half an hours. Walkers who want to take a giant mound on the Koko Crater Trail.

Considering this path, remember that it has captured many walkers. Koko Head Staircase (all 1,050 steps) is an intensive challenging one, but at the top there is a worthwhile and unforgettable panorama of the surroundings with Koko Marina, Hanauma Bay and Sandy Beach.

Lanikai on Oahu often has the most trafficking and glory, but there's another Lanikai on Oahu that you wouldn't want to miss. A little bit tranquil, the Ehukai pill box walk - also known as sunset pill box walk - will take you to some of the best scenery on the northern shore of Oahu in 30 mins.

Walk the path behind Sunset Primary School to the second pill box for excellent landscape and modest training. Explore the pristine Oahu at Kaena Point, one of the best Oahu hiking areas, where you will feel joyfully lonely and remote from any sign of the world. Otherwise, experience Oahu the way our forefathers did.

And of course there is not enough sunlight after dusk. Be sure to take lots of fresh running waters with you to ensure you are enjoying your hikes well. It is also a good time to meet someone before you start your walk on Oahu, so there will be someone looking for your comeback.

For more information about walking near our Waikiki Hotels, please do not hesitate to ask our team. Find out more about the best our island has to offers by browse our Oahu FAQ about attractions, food, shops and more.

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