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Indoor gives $1.6M in allowances to Americas Samoa - Saipan News, Headlines, Cases, Advertisements WASHINGTON, D.C.-Doug Domenech, U.S.

Department of the Interior Assistant Secretary for Insular and International Affairs, today released $1,648,080 for the 2018 business year. Financing for American Samoa this year will address a wide range of needs in the area, from the development of a disasters recycling policy for the state treasury system, to updates to the state staff rating and compensation system, to improvements to tourist locations and the certification of medical staff.

Part of this financing, $200,000, will help the Centers for Dye-Control (CDC) to eradicate the mosquito-borne lymphatic filariasis outbreak. This will be followed by allocations allocated to American Samoa for the 2018 accounting period: - Ministry of Finance - $200,200 to complete enhancements and update the finance system with special assistance in improving operations such as general ledger, account payables, purchasing and human resources developmen.

By 2017, the government of Samoa had made a multi-year endeavor to improve its finance control system. - Ministry of Finance - 296,000 dollars for the development of a DRDP for the finance system, especially in view of recent catastrophes and their vulnerability to such. - Department of Human Resources - $ 60,000 to revise and revise the America Samoa Job Classification and Pay Plans with the aim of realigning the employees providing community service.

  • Port Management Department - $292,000 to modernize the port management information system, which will include upgrades to the port management system, as well as upgrades to the port management system, as well as upgrades of the port management system, the port management system and the port management team. Ultimately, the aim is a paper-free system with an overall increase in the company's overall efficiency, both financially and operationally. - Ministry of Commerce - $55,000 to help develop Aunu' u as one of the leading eco-tourism destinations.
  • American Samoa Power Authority - $160,000 is being provided to integrate work flow automating and image generation capabilities for capturing, storing and retrieving documents. Aim is to improve the bookkeeping and to enable a better auditing trailer-managment. - Centers for Disease Control & Prevention - $200,000 for the removal of lymphatic filariasis, also known as "elephantiasis", in American Samoa.

The Samoa-American CDC has once again committed itself to revive the effort to eradicate the illness by 2024, once it has been recognized as one of the highest rates of infections in the Pacific. Presumably, two round of bulk medication with threefold medication will be necessary to completely eradicate the illness on the area.

  • Lyndon B. Johnson Tropical Medical Center for Pharmaceutical and Personal and Social System Education - $60,000 for conducting trainings for new employees seeking to become certified as U.S. Drug Technical Assistant. A $234,080 will be used to investigate best practices in the areas of finance responsibility, finance and related IT sys-tems.

For the operators of hospitals financing and information system, there is provision for provision of educational assistance. - Lyndon B. Johnson Tropical Medical Center for the American Samoa CAN ceramics Coalition - $55,800 is continuing the community-based navigation system to improve accessibility and counseling in oncology for the affected Samoa population. This programme addresses a need to co-ordinate the correct diagnoses and treatments once a suspect medical condition indicating the presence of cancers has been detected.

People starting their battle against the disease in this area now receive the right assistance and direction to find and manage advance treatment in the more sophisticated and costly health care system outside the Isle.

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