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The Mokihana is located on the eastern side of the garden island Kauai, between the historic towns of Kapaa and Wailua. Love the Kauai Beach Resort! Accommodation, Hawaii, U.S.A.

, including luxury vacation homes, apartments, bed and breakfast and brooks.

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I am planing a journey for my three-person familly (70s, 1950s and 20s) to Kauai from June 30 to July 8. It is our first visit to Kauai and I am trying to find out which part of the isle is best for us, i.e. southern bank vs. northern bank.

At that time we were discussing a visit to Wailea or Kaanapali Beaches, and after the visit to Kaanapali Beaches we are so happy that we decided for Wailea because we did not like the touristic feeling (overcrowded) of Kaanapali Beaches and the much outdated hotels/resorts, so we also want to prevent that in Kauai.

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Villa / condominium / holiday home on or near a sandy shore. This means it has to be a sandy spot that' s secure enough to get into the sea. Would you like to be able to run to the shore or is a brief ride okay? Would you like to go on foot to a restaurant, etc. or is a brief ride okay?

When you say mansion, I suppose you mean a house? In this sense it would be helpful to know what you want IDEAL - a house, a cabin (a smaller house) or a condominium. Please let us know what you like best.

Last minutes cancellation of accommodation! 20-24 April - Kauai Forum

A few and a half ago I noted that my query was postponed here by Electra K, similar circumstance - our air BnB landlord canceled on us last night and our journey to Kauai is in less than two a-week! Because I know how difficult it can be to get a budget accommodation nearer to the deadline, I made a booking a few month ago.

I have a $150 per room per night accommodation package. A number of races that have reacted to you own holiday rents on the Islands Online that offer up spaces illegal are their competition. landlords. You' ll be amazed at how your mention of sleep in the vehicle can be taken up and possibly implemented by others.

Hopefully 3chi's accommodation will work for you. "You' d be amazed how your mention that you sleep in the vehicle could and would be taken up by others - and possibly implemented. And if you've never been to Kauai, you'll be happy. "A few of those who have replied to your own holiday homes on the islands - those who offer rooms unlawfully are their competitors.

" I' d say that about 90% of the regular contributors to these boards discourage illicit rental, like me, have ZERO monetary interest in holiday homes. Not one good rationale to rent inadmissible or illicit rents and the attempt to delegitimise ALL criticisms of them by proposing that those who resist them only do so for their own money is pathetic.

ANNOUNCER: Oh, yes, the inhabitants of the Wailua Homesteads area are really up in arms above the banned rents. I' ve got to say the $150/nt period on Kauai is over.

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