American Samoa Manua Islands

Samoa Manua Islands

Group Faiava travel guide (Manu'a, American Samoa) Explore Faiava in Samoa, USA! The Faiava in the Manu'a area is a place in Samoa, about 73 miles (or 118 km) east of Pago Pago, the nation's capitol. Local LTC in Faiava is now 08:35 PM (Saturday). Pacific / Pago Pago" is the name of the city' s internal clock with a -11 hour Pago Pago clock.

Apiia, Si'ufaga, Ta'u, Faleasao, Fusi or Pago Pago. If you are in this area, you can also visit Alaufau, Sili, Faiava, Lalomoana, Ofu and Olosega. The Ofu and Olosega are part of a doublets volcano in the Manu'a group of the Samoan Isles - part of Am. Samoa. Twins made up of shields have a total length of 6 km.

These are geographical vulcanic remains divided by the 137 metre long narrowness of the Azaga Straits, a flat sandy seawall. Prior to 1970 at low water one had to walk between the two isles; today a single-lane highway over the straits links Ofu and Olosega towns.

Found at -14. 17, -169. is a Samoan island, which has three major islands: Situated about 110 km eastern of Tutuila, the isles are part of American Samoa. The political structure of the Manu'a District is one of the three American Samoa administration units.

Found at -14. 17, -169. Ta'? is the biggest of the Manu'a group and the most eastern of the Samoan Islands. Ta'? is part of Samoa-America. During the early nineteenth and early nineteenth centuries, the islet was sometimes known as the Opoun. It is the extinct remains of a hot spot shields volume with a chaldera or Liu Bench on its southern side.

Lata Mountain, the peak of the isle, lies at an altitude of 931 meters and is the highest point in American Samoa. Found at -14. 17, -169. The Fitiuta Aiport is a publicly owned airfield in Fiti'uta, a town on the Isle of Ta'? in American Samoa, an unregistered area of the United States.

The Fitiuta International Aerodrome will replace the previous one [Tau Airport] in the small city of Tau. The Tau airfield was formally disabled after the Fitiuta airfield was built and activated. It belongs to the government of American Samoa. Tau Airport], which was previously in the Tau community. Found at -14. 17, -169. Fitiuta, also known as Fiti'uta, is a city on the north-east shore of the Isle of Ta'?, one of the Manu'a Islands in American Samoa.

Fitiuta had 358 inhabitants according to the 2000 US Federal Census, compared to 454 in 1990. Fitiuta is the only international airports on the Isle of Ta'?. Found at -14. 17, -169. Geographically information is derived from published information from, CIA facts books, Unesco, DBpedia and WIKIPEREDIA.

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