The Tobago offers a carefree culture, good food and unbelievable nature. An itinerary through lush and relaxed Tobago. The Caribbean island of Tobago is one of the two islands that make up the Caribbean nation of Trinidad and Tobago. Dobago is the southernmost of the Caribbean islands with incredible wildlife, reefs and sleepy fishing villages. The charming and friendly welcome awaits you in Tobago, where there is a slower pace of life that is perfect for a relaxing holiday.

Spending three and a half day in Tobago

Indomitable rain forest, clear sea and a powerful dosage of genuine caribean civilization characterize Tobago, a small isle offering a surprise variety of attractions and activites. These are our proposals to make the most of your stay in Tobago. You will be picked up in your minibus and taken to the luxuriant, vertically-lined landscape at the east end of the isle.

Visit SPETRYDY, a picturesque town on the Tyrrell's Bays with a view of the Goat and Little Tobago isles. Select the right one and it will probably have been captured this early bird by one of the small fishermen you will see swimming in the pen. When you are in the western part of Tobago, where most accommodation is situated, stop at one of the protected areas on the way back to watch the bird eating (often at 4 pm).

The Waves Restuarant offers a large portion of seafood, steaks and pastas right on the sands. Right behind it is the Seahorse Inn, Tobago's best place to eat, a romantically decorated place with candlelight dinner where you can enjoy imaginative meals like pig cutlets with treacle and rumin. On the hillside near the charming village of Pleasant Prospect, the fishing pot is another favorite.

The meals of the mornings - seafood, chalk, chicken, lobsters - are chalky on a plank. All boats head for the nylon pool in the centre of the cove. The Pigeon Point is Tobago's flagship - a broad penninsula rising towards the nylon pool, surrounded by pale sandy and clear waters.

Some grocery stores offer dishes with spareribs, chickens and seafood with red and white beers. In the Caribbean Tobago is one of the best dive sites. Select your paddle board or canoe and when the day goes down, the Duane Kenny will take you to the lake you saw from the canoe.

One of the most important nesting areas for sea birds in the Caribbean, this 2 km long wooded uninhabitated islet - a brief glassbottom cruise from the town. Over 30 styles are nesting here and the styles you can see are slightly dependent on the season. Goat Iceland, the small islet between Little Tobago and his big brother, is a good place.

Over 50 different types of sea life have been found around these coral corals and often stingrays and tortoises are seen. Have it on Little Tobago or during the cruise back to Speyside. Enjoy your meal.

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