Best things to see in new Zealand North Island

The best things to see in New Zealand North Island

Picture of Waitomo Glowworm Cave.'s Wai O Tapu. North Island is packed with travel ideas from tourist adventures to tours and attractions, book your tickets online for the best things you can do in North Island, New Zealand on TripAdvisor: These are our most important highlights on the North Island:. It is completely unique in New Zealand and you have to when you are there.

There are 10 fantastic free things you can do in New Zealand: northern island

But New Zealand is an exorbitant tourist destination. Fortunately, it is full of nature and beautiful on both the South and North Islands, allowing you to experience stunning adventures at no extra charge. When you plan to explore the North Island, mark this checklist as a marker as these 10 free activities in New Zealand will lead nowhere in the near future.

National Museum of New Zealand in Wellington is huge and continuing to produce exhibitions that are both original and formally inspired. Check out the Te Papa website to schedule your trip - it's definitely one of the best free offers in New Zealand. It' a funny way to show off in front of your buddies that you have crossed the breadth of the land, this is definitely one of the best free activities in New Zealand!

Only the hardest men will take a bath in the New Zealand sea in cold winters. However, in summers you will find those who enjoy the sea all morning. While New Zealand is not known for its beautiful sandy shores like other places around the globe, these gemstones are definitely great to see, not least because they are free!

An artificial shore in Wellington that is visited by thousands of people every day in summers. This is Piha Beach: To the west of Auckland, the breakers at Piha beach can be rough, but with plenty of beaches to relax on and walk-in Lions Rock, it's a great getaway out of city. Well known as New Zealand's best surfing spot, you will find it difficult not to relax in the waves of the big game.

The New Chums Beach: New Chums Beach has so far prevented congestion thanks to the 30-40 minutes walking distance. White-rock beach: This is a secluded coastline on the rough, lovely west coast. I' d certainly call a visit to this sandy area one of the best free activities in New Zealand, so it's a good idea to put it on your schedule!

Everybody knows that Lord of the Rings was shot in New Zealand, but did you know that The Chronicles of Narnia also had New Zealand venues? This place is Cathedral Cove, which is bounded by a steep trail with the most spectacular vistas, making it definitely one of the best free activities in New Zealand.

40-60 min later you reach the cathedral, and many others take the view and take funny pictures of the solid gate arch. North Island is full of falls that will inspire your fantasy. The most popular New Zealand feature is a thundering cascade, and although it is only 11 meters high, the force of the waters is a place you can see from the top of the dock.

Best times to see them are the day after the rain and going through the vapor is a lot of pleasure. Wairarapa is famous for its vineyards, but if you go straight to the bottom of the North Island, you will find yourself at Cape Palliser - the southernmost point of the North Island.

Take the mandatory stroll to the top of the beacon with some stunning vistas and then spot the sunbathed seal - certainly one of the best activities in New Zealand! North Island has many activities of thermal geology, which makes it a great place to take in some of the best thermal water in the world. Below are some of the best hotsprings you can get for free:

HeiƟwasserstrand: One of the highlights for many who are on the way on the North Island is that you have to work to be able to really appreciate it. from Te Puia: Visit the Te Puia spring near the beach if you feel crowded at Hot Waters Beach. Tapu Springs: And if the heat is too high, take a look at Putaruru Blue Spring, where 70% of New Zealand's bottling is made.

Walking (or as Kyivis call it, hitchhiking) is a favourite way to spend time in New Zealand and no doubt the best walk in the land (one of the 7 Great Walks in fact) is the Tongariro crossing, which you don't have to foot the bill for - making it a huge hit on the New Zealand Free Activities schedule.

Be sure to begin at the first flare to give yourself a lot of extra space to record everything. Te Araroa Walkway is a path that stretches over the entire length of New Zealand. Find out more about the various areas on the Te Araroa website. Weitomo is a favourite travel spot for those who want to try out the fireflies and usually want to raft through the caverns.

Make sure you don't stumble - it's easy when you look up all the way to see the fireflies! Renting a vehicle is very common in New Zealand, but you can also get coach connections or maybe even carpooling to most places. Look at this inexpensive itinerary if you are looking for other ways to save on your travels.

Tiki Tours Kiwi, alias Jub, is a well-traveled man from New Zealand who travels the globe in one way or another. He was in a number of different places, living in several towns and learning a lot - as such I knew he was the ideal contact for advising on cheap travelling in New Zealand.

Jub can be followed on Instagram and Snapchat, but right here, now is his best piece of advice on the 10 greatest free things to do in New Zealand: Northern Island.

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