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The Norfolk Island useful information after the visit in March April 2013 - Norfolk Island Forum

In your pocket, suggest the foods you don't consider luxury: e.g. espresso, potato gravy, groundnut butters. Of course the price in the major super market and a smaller one were very high. You can find the Bounty Toy Shop selling Lego and Duplo for less than Sydney rates however similar rates are available on-line and there are frequent sells in Sydney.

We thought other toys were a little less expensive, but not great deals, depending on what we could get in Sydney. We had many empty stores and overall the shop was not as good (duty free) as they would have us believe, but two things I found at a good value were Birkenstock shoes and some cologne.

You can find a number of footwear shops, so store around to check around the store rates. The Cascade Gardens apartment had a great offer, so the right rate (but we had to buy cushions in the city, and a bunk was very unpleasant). We were in a good position, very neat and small, so we were generally lucky at the cost we got, but would be staying somewhere else if we were to return.

Due to the position of the Cascade Appartments we could run the first three day into the city and back, so that we only needed one vehicle for the last 7 of them. Visit the Uniting Church Op Store, open most morning, you never know what you will find. There is also an interesting Bric-a-bac store that also offers fruit and vegetables; this is opposite Borry's Cars.

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