Norfolk Islands

The Norfolk Islands

Northfolk Island The Norfolk Island Task Force coordinated the reforms and was headed by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Regional Development. Now we are providing immigrant and custom services on Norfolk Island, where we have a constant ABF (Australian Border Force) there. Norfolk Island was incorporated into the Australia migrants' area.

That means that passengers between the continental Australia and Norfolk Island are inland. Any person (both non-citizens and Australians ) who travels between Norfolk Island and an international port is governed by Australia's Migration Act 1958 and the 1994 Migration Regulations.

Non-nationals require an appropriate Australia entry, stay or visiting permit for Norfolk Island. The Norfolk Island Law on Migration 1980 was abolished with the implementation of this new migration regime. Persons and goods entering and departing from Norfolk Island are still moving internationally for custom duties.

Norfolk Island Regulation 2016 implements a revised edition of the 1901 Tariff Act, the 2015 Tariff Regulation and the 2015 Tariff Regulation on Norfolk Island. There are also the 1956 tariff provisions (Prohibited Imports) and the 1958 tariff provisions (Prohibited Exports). The Norfolk Island custom duties Act 1913 and the 1986 tariff rules were overturned.

Norfolk Island has no duty, GST or other excise duty (e.g. Luxury Car Tax) on goods that arrive in Norfolk Island. There has been no change in the Australian mainland's present requirement for goods to and from Norfolk Island (e.g. still need ing to declare exports and imports). Norfolk Island's tariff function is in line with the regulations in force on Christmas Island and the Cocos (Keeling) Islands in the Indian Ocean.

Further information on the following new packages in Norfolk Island will be available soon: Norfolk Island visas: Norfolk Island Immigration Act 1980 was abolished and the present Australia immigration regulations under the 1958 Australia Migration Act now work. Non-residents wishing to travel to and stay on Norfolk Island must have a valid Australia passport.

Authorisations granted under the Norfolk Island Immigration Act 1980 have not been in effect since 1 July 2016. Previous Norfolk Island residents and those permanently residing on Norfolk Island were converted to Australia visas. Further information on the transition provisions for visas is available.

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