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The Aurora Charters - Stewart Island Home

It is a beautiful, untouched heaven with its own temper. It has a small town called Oban in Halfmoon Bay with about 400 inhabitants and only 20 km of asphalt roads. The Rakiura Nationalpark on the Stewart Island was founded in March 2002 for the 13.

Stewart Island offers empty, breathtaking secluded shores like nowhere else. Surprisingly clear water offers great opportunities for fishing, snorkeling, scuba dives and canoeing. The Pegasus, which sailed from Port Jackson, Australia, on a robe cruise in 1809, was the first mate, William Stewart. The Maori name for Stewart Island.

It' usually translates as'Glowing Skies', possibly a hint of the sundowns for which Stewart Island is renowned, or the Aurora Australis, the northerners, which are a phenomena of our south latitude. As of the thirteenth century, the island s, with its abundant natural habitats of indigenous wildlife and bird life, shellfish and this very particular treat, the titti (soot loon or mutton bird), provided a plentiful Maori population.

At the beginning of the nineteenth and eighteenth centuries, the island was marked by discoverers, seals, evangelists, mine workers and hermit. The Stewart Island is one of the six biggest New Zealand kiwis, which can be found in relatively good numbers on the island. The island's 180,000 hectare surface area is home to an expected 20,000 people.

Stewart island kingfishers make up groups of families and chickens often live with grown-ups. Kiwis are seen from time to time, and their shouts can be hear in isolated areas. The Aurora Charters offer bird watching, excursion and fishing tours from Halfmoon Bay. Its clear, unpolluted water makes the island a paradise for snorkeling and scubaiving.

There are also a number of daily hikes on Stewart Island and Ulva Island. The island's transportation is provided by shuttles and coach trips give the tourist an overview of our past and point out places of interest.

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