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When travelling from South Africa to Vanuatu, click on Tourist destinations in Vanuatu to the most interesting cities in Vanuatu. Sights in Vanuatu and activities in Vanuatu for travellers from the UK. The Vanuatu Tourism: Discover the best sights in Vanuatu with the free Vanuatu travel guide. Interesting facts in Vanuatu from experts. The people of Vanuatu dress light and casual, but not too short in public places.

Vanuatu 10-day itinerary

" This was the first thing I was asked when I gave the message that I would visit this wonderful South Pacific islander. Vanuatu is one of the luckiest and least known countries in the whole wide globe, with 83 small islets. Only a short fly from the eastern Australian coasts, Vanuatu is the ideal destination for those who love insular life off the well-trodden paths.

Here is a 10-day test drive to Vanuatu, which will take you to three isles. Vanuatu Principal Isle is the gate to the land and home of the nation once the capitol - Port Vila. It' s fashionable enough for a gentle touchdown, but savage enough to arouse the mind. Native people from all over the entire isle gather here to buy their products.

Hideaway lsland is a small haven, a fast cab ship away from the city. If the big isle is not secluded enough for you, you can stay here, but just a little relaxation and snorkelling is perfect. It' t is to leave and circumnavigate the isle! Roadtrippin' on Efate Islands takes you past vast expanses of land full of evergreen plants, across streams and luxuriant rolling countryside.

Take another fresh swim at Eton Blue Hole and take a snooze on Havannah Harbour water. Survivor Vanuatu's wonderful sandy beaches were home to one of its people, but nowadays the only fishing communities that were formed by the fishermen floating in the camps. Known as' Santo', this is the biggest of Vanuatu's islands.

Scuba diver can dismount up to 70 metres and visit the old machine room, unmanned troops and even munitions. At the end of the conflict, the US forces did not find a buyer for all the necessary gear on the Isle. The best-known beach is Champagne Beach, but Lonnoc Beach and Oyster Islands are also good places to replenish your energy and observe the star at nigh.

Well, if you' re not into beachsumming, go to the Matevulu Bluehole. The island of Tanna should not be overlooked. Begin your morning with a bath in the dark green pits. And the best one is just known as'blue pit #2'. At low tide, it turns the bleu ca into a swimmingpool, where colourful tropic fishs are caught for a few h. The water is very calm.

Undoubtedly, the high point of your visit will be the long journey to Mount Yasur. There is so little access to Tanna that there are hardly any asphalted streets. On the way you will come past isolated towns before you gently land on a solid plane of dark cinders. When a visit to the world's most open to the public was not enough, visit the Yakel tribe.

So, what do you think of Vanuatu? It' hardly to believe that this paradise on an isle is so little known. When you feel like something else, you' ll find a good mixture of natural, sunny and old culture - you'll like Vanuatu! He is the editor of X Days In Y. He recently came back from a six-month trip across the South Pacific Islands, and you can watch his trip of dreams on hisĀ blogs.

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