Beat things to do in Oahu

Suggest things to do in Oahu

United Soc Arizona Visitor Centre: flickr. To do with an endless series of things, you won't be bored on Oahu. Hongolulu - As the capital of Hawaii, Hongululu is a hub for business and entertainment. Child-friendly activities and food make KA WA'A the best Luau on Oahu for children. These are some of the best things you can do cheap in Oahu.

Top 15 Activities in Honolulu (Hawaii)

The Polynesian looking US capitol is seldom impressed by a city of surfing and coastal barracks, which is the center of Hawaii's culture as a whole. Elvis and Doris Duke stayed here and followed the tradition of the traditional people. Waikiki sand combines vibrant water-diving and relaxed sea life (the ideal place to crack pet sounds) as the jagged summits of volcanoes and dead crater rises on the skyline.

Oh, and let's not forgetting the surf swell that attracts world-class surfers to the salty coasts of Oahu all year round. Let's take a look at the best things in Honolulu, Aloha! No wonder the world-famous Waikiki Beach once dragged the royalty and queen of the Bay of Hawaii.

Here, where today the gleaming climbs of the luxury hotel rise against the blue Pacific water, the first long-boards were already rode by the nobility of the islands around 1800, while the legendary Duke Kahanamoku (the founder of contemporary surfing) also tore up the waves of Waikiki and now even has his own monument between the tropical palms.

In simple terms, if you decide to go to just one Honolulu sandy spot, make this sun-kissed bow of powdered golden sands in the shade of Diamond Head! Top 15 Activities in Honolulu (Hawaii):

Top 10 Things in Oahu, Hawaii (it's not just Waikiki)

Yes, there is windsurfing, sandy and shoppin', but the Aussies' passion for their favorite Isle of Hawaii goes beyond that. These are 10 good reason to like it.... and make sure you see more than Waikiki. If Australians can make a right to some of the best beach in the whole wide globe, why should they travel half way around the globe to go to the surfboard?

The local cooking can often be unglamorous and uninspirational (another portion of papaya?), but you can move through Oahu for a few days and not have the same flavor twice, because the ethnicities of the people are so different. Well-known for its dishes, the best place to stop off is the Rainbow Drive-In.

If you' re looking for a piece of home, Bill Granger's celebrated Waikiki city centre Bill' s are just the thing for you. The Australians are known to arrive in Oahu with little more than clothing on their backs, hoping to take a whole new outfit with them during their sojourn.

You can join them by going directly to Ross Dress for Less in Waikiki, where you can collect a few large bags and a lot of design gear for the next few days, before you visit the Ala Moana Center, the biggest open-air mall in the whole wide globe (with more than 290 shops) and the Ward Centers (home of Nordstrom Rack and TJ Maxx).

To get into the fun, the best place to position yourself around a fireplace at RumFire in Sheraton Waikiki or enjoy a Mai Tai at the place where it was created, the Mai Tai Barin The Royal Hong Kong City. Oahu cannot be left without the pleasures of a typical Lauau (and it's probably the one occasion that the noisy Hwaiian dressing-in-the back of your dressing room is to be worn in public).

Explore Waikiki Starlight Luau in the roof gardens of the Hilton Hawaiian Village Resort & Spa or the Ali'i Luau of the Polynesian Cultural Center in La'ie on the north coast of Oahu. It is no wonder that this renowned sandy place with its sandy beaches and high sea breezes is so beloved by the many Australian visitors who come here every year.

A stunning selection of beach shops such as H&M and Sephora, infinite pubs and some of the best restaurants on the Isle. Have a look at Waikiki Beach Walkto to plan your outing. They know that when they see the sea on our beach for the first moment, tourists' eyes fall on their faces?

You can now have your own momentum by going to Ehukai Beach on the North Shore and trying out the shafts on the Banzai Pipeline. You are not here to go into the ocean - oh no, the 4m surf has demanded the life of many top surfer in the last years.

It is a drag because the North Shore is home to some of the most attractive places on the Isle. Rent a Honolulu rental vehicle (don't be afraid, there' s less travel when you leave the city) and drive east to Haleiwa, the north door.

On to Kahuku (famous for its prawn cars), Turtle Bay, Waimea Valley, Mokule'ia and Kaena.

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