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The Taveuni backpackers

Bibi's Hideaway, which has been an institution of Taveuni for years, is the best backpacker. "It's a great place to meet other backpackers and have fantastic adventures. Read customer reviews and evaluations from former guests of Maravu Taveuni Lodge, Taveuni Island. Away from the comfortable chairs and sofas, large wooden doors lead to one of the large decks of Fiji Island Taveuni, Fiji Youth Ho. Backpackers, Nadi, Fiji Islands.

Best Backpackers in Fiji - Review of Maravu Taveuni Lodge, Matei

The Taveuni is an unbelievable place in Fiji. Well, the personnel were extremely kind. There are also nocturnal groups of kavas with free kavas and free folk songs, where the employees look forward to welcoming and staying with the group. Make sure you go snorkelling or snorkelling at Rainbow Reef. Best dive I ever did.

Taveuni Lodge, Taveuni Island, Fiji: Booking now!

Discover Taveuni from a spot of perfection. The Maravu Taveuni is a truly price-conscious travel er'sodge. Situated near Taveuni airport, we take a brief stroll from the best beach on the islands, a brief cruise to the renowned cliffs and in the middle of a huge orchard of coconuts! Prices are inclusive of free WiFi in the major areas and many free outdoor pursuits.

A small locally-styled eatery and a chilly pub are open every day. Most of the meals are prepared with all kinds of fruit and vegetables and shellfish. The chefs have a distinctive taste and taste that can be found in some of Fiji's 5-star hotels, but at backpackers' rates. It is often welcome for visitors to familiarize themselves with the way meals are prepared and the cuisine.

A Fiji Fusion Meal Plan is recommended for those looking for a truly unforgettable cuisine. Excursions include the renowned Taveuni cliffs on our front door, a wonderful snorkelling liveaboard sandy secluded sandy beaches, the great falls just a car ride away, the luxuriant tropic wonders for hiking and some world-class windsurf break hiding on the neighbouring island.......

What makes our place unique is the beautiful, cheerful, welcoming staff and the way of living on the isle. You' re always welcome to join other visitors in the resort's outdoor pursuits or use the hotel's restaurants, bars, pools or spas. You can also use our own CONCERGE BOKING DESSK and our staff is always at your service to help you with the planning, reservation and transport of your holiday.

On Taveuni "The Garden Isle", the wonderful Maravu Taveuni Lodge plantations, with 21 well-equipped reed-roofed houses, you can go on fast and simple walks through the jungles and waterfalls. The resort is set in a tranquil Fiji countryside, close to hiking paths and a secluded sandside.

Deluxe Bures and Honeymoon Bures with outside showers, sun deck and sun power as well as duplex units, all with high ceiling, hardwood and islander. At Taveuni International we can provide a resort shuttle at F$3pp each way. To receive a pick-up schedule for the apartment, please provide us with your number.

Of the Main Taveuni Holiday Wharf we can provide a resort shuttle @ F$12pp each way to link with the Lomaiviti Princess Family. To receive a pick up schedule for the boat, please submit your dates of your arrivals. We can organize a pick-up from little Taveuni Ferrry Wharf (for Savusavu Connections) on requests.

There are 2 major transportation options from Nadi to Taveuni - by plane or boat. There is F$20pp in a minivan directly to Suva Wharf and F$75pp on the Lomaiviti Princess (overnight stay).

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