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nz. Cape Town Coast Airport Holdings Ltd. Departures live flight, flight status information for Kapiti Coast Airport, Paraparaumu (PPQ). Paraparaumu Airport has easy access to the Kapiti coast and Wellington and offers daily flights to Auckland, Christchurch, Nelson and Blenheim. The transportation at Kapiti Coast Airport is generally modern, friendly and affordable.

New Zealand says good-bye to Kapiti Coast Airport

Air New Zealand's last trip from the Kapiti coast to Auckland today will be very disappointing for Otaki Nathan Guy. "By cancelling its last flights today just three weeks in advance, the domestic airline has disappointed tens of thousand Kapiti commuteers. "Since Air New Zealand's announcement, I have been working closely with major stakeholder groups to find an alternative supplier.

The talks with Air Chathams are making good progress and I hope for a good result in the next two sabbaths. "I petitioned Parliament last weekend to rescue Kapiti flies after collecting over 8,000 petitions in the brief period in which it circulated. "As Air New Zealand says good-bye to the Kapiti commuteers, my challenges for the airline are to provide Air Chathams and Todd Property with the necessary groundwork, information and skills to provide a smooth transfer - even though it will take several month before Air Chathams begins its work.

"I also call on Air New Zealand to provide access to Air Chathams' reservations through its website - just like a codeshare contract. "It is also natural that inbound baggage switching to an Air New Zealand service is marked together to avoid the annoyance of those arriving at a new check-in desk.

"Air New Zealand and Air Chathams travelers would also like to have Air New Zealand RL. "Since Air New Zealand has made a practice of giving up local service and exiting Air Chathams to catch up, it is timely that the domestic airline enters into a formal arrangement with Air Chathams to offer similar service to those in the local areas who have left - and I would seriously anticipate this," says Mr. Guy.

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