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Drift diving is the norm in many areas of Fiji. Scuba diving in Fiji is an epic experience not to be missed. NAI'A offers the best of world class diving at an unsurpassed variety of dive sites. NAI'A has found Fiji's best diving. Diving is efficient, friendly and safe.

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The VOMO has a number of great dive spots in the immediate vicinity of the resorts and with some amazing dives, among them swimming through caverns. The VOMO is situated between the groups Mamanuca and Yasawa Island. There is always hot water with beautiful views in the water near Vomo Island Fiji. Interesting places with interesting canals, coral-filled cliffs, intriguing caverns or interesting rocks and rocks are for you!

From the Padi Ocean Playing Centre you can choose from tailor-made programs and personal experience with speciality diving classes led by a very seasoned diving teacher. The entire diving center is equipped with high-quality Aqualung BCD's and breathing controls, optionally with lead straps or built-in loads. Also we provide wand diving computer and in case of emergencies watertight bag for our security needs.

There are also easily accessible diving lights. The submersible is fully shadowed by a 150 HP outboarder. With a length of 8.6 metres, the vessel is very convenient. You can reach all our diving by ship. There is a guideline, if the visitor has not dived within the last year, he has to take a course to refresh himself.

The number of scuba diver is limited to 6 per vessel, according to qualifications. There are no fixed diving schedules, we will always organize the diving according to tide, wind, swell, divers' qualifications and needs. Fun, exciting and instructive, diving is an ideal activities for the family snorkeling to daring adventure in the Laguna, children experiencing programs from experienced instructors.

Before the first diving, please take along a medically correct survey, which must be over 10 years old with you. ý Endless adventure in diving. PADI provides an e-learning course for those who wish to learn the theoretical aspects of certifications before their holidays.

The referees are only available for six month and must be concluded within this time on new diving opportunities and new opportunities to enjoy diving. 8) Padi Special Courses: Bring your diving to the next stage.

If you become a deeper diver and find out what is less than 30 m and enjoy diving between 18 and 40 m. realize that a small whole or open diving gate probably triggered the sinking of vessel´s. Padi Digital Underwater Photographer Course Online contains all prerequisites for the course to be developed.

When you want to take your pictures and videos under water, this course will show you how. The first two parts are focused on still picture shooting - whether you are taking still pictures with a still picture recorder or your head. Part three contains some special hints on how to record submarine videos with your dvd.

Please click here to have a look at our current prices for our dives. Diving Sites: Individual program for you during your sojourn. From the diving sites: few. 20 min by vomotic boats on White Rock fishing boats. Refills and tortoises to many kinds of colourful nudibranchs and marine gastropods.

Wrecks of SALAMAND - 20 minutes by Vomo's own skipper. SUPERMARK - The SUPERMARK is 40 minutes by ferry from Vomo isle.

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