Norfolk Island act

Law of Norfolk Island

The government granted limited self-government to the Australian suburbs of Norfolk Island. The law entitles the legislative assembly of Norfolk Island. [Map of Norfolk Island]. Isle of Norfolk Island, as part of Norfolk Ridge, is geologically relatively young.

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A law for the Norfolk Island administration. Norfolk Island Act 1979. May 30, 1979. a ^ a barcc " Norfolk Island Historic Events"... Accessed October 29, 2010. Norfolk Island Legislation Amendment Act 2015 ". May 26, 2015. Norfolk Island Reforms. Infrastructure and Regional Development Department (Cth).

Accessed October 14, 2016. Territories Legislation Amendment Act 2016 ". March 23, 2016.

Norfolk Island Supreme Court

ACT Supreme Court Judges in Norfolk Island, William Simpson in 1953[7] It is not clear whether he has ever had a case in Norfolk Island.... In a pragmatic way, his civilian and trade justice begins with actions that cannot be handled by the Court of Petty Sessions for Norfolk Island, which is dealing with small and $A10,000 lawsuits.

Norfolk Island's Supreme Court is still based on the 1960 Supreme Court Act (Norfolk Island) - formerly the 1960 Supreme Court Ordinance - and its court and procedural code is based on the Supreme Court of the Australian Capital Territory until the Norfolk Island Court ruling to issue a particular Supreme Court Rule on a particular case or subject.

Notwithstanding the abolition of the 1957 Act, the Supreme Tribunal remains in force (p.52(1)). Appointments of a judge or judges of the Supreme Tribunal (p.53) may be made by the Governor-General by a judge or a judge of another tribunal set up by Parliament.

The territory's other judiciaries and judiciaries may be constituted by or under edict (p.60). "In the case of meetings of the Supreme Court in a State or in a territory other than Norfolk Island for the purposes of hearings and determination of a case, except in the course of the conduct of its judicial system, if a judge has ascertained that the hearings of the case outside the territory are not in conflict with the interests of the judiciary...".

As a rule, the judges of the Supreme Tribunal of Norfolk Island are chosen from among the judges of the Federal Supreme Tribunal who are seated on the continent of Australia or who may call the Tribunal on Norfolk Island, as the case may be. Meetings of the Supreme Tribunal are usually held on the grounds of a district tribunal, whereby judges may be present on the island of Norfolk if the amount of work is enough to warrant the trip, or if a normal tribunal meeting has not been called for some period or if the applicable legislation for a particular case provides that the tribunal must be called on the island of Norfolk and not elsewhere (e.g. most crimes except sex offenses, which may now be heard outside the island).

As a rule, the farm's employees are based on the island of Norfolk.

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