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Jobs, news & country information for teaching abroad in the Cook Islands information on cooking island resources spoken by adults in Wellington City Libraries. Nursery rhymes and nursery rhymes from all over the world are presented both in English and in their mother tongue. The country note is part of The Pacific Catastrophe Risk Assessment and while English is the official language, Cook Island Maori is widely used in the community. Fiji English, Samoan English and Cook Islands English morphosyntactic profile.

Definitions and significance of the Cook Islands

As in: typically occurring shapes of this form of tense: I' ve been hearing great headlines; Jim won! More about the words of the day: Engage your boyfriends, families and co-workers with this extraordinary language school. Get the latest information in June with Robert Groves.

Every months the latest verbose messages, language knowledge, specials and contests.

Cook Island Language Week

The topic for this year is `Ei www. ka-annoano au i te touruturu ? www. ngutu`are tanga `? te mattekeinanga - An invigorating home and a social setting is what I need to develop my passion and self-confidence to talk about my own website M?ori www.ka-annoano au i te touruturu ? www. ngutu`are matainanga. mata.matakeinanga.

Three different Polyynesian langauges are used in the Cook Islands. The Cook Islands M?ori is an East Polyynesian dialect with a number of different nationalities. It is part of the same linguistic group as New Zealand M?ori and the Hawaii and Tahiti laguages. The Pukapuka is a West Polish mother tongue and is part of the same linguistic group as the S?moa, Tuvalu and Tokelau communities.

Dalmerston Island has its own unmistakable and unmistakable blend of Cook Islands M?ori and English. The Cook Islands M?ori has several different languages. Rarotonga is the most widely used and standardized language, both in the Cook Islands and within the Cook Islands in New Zealand. Cook Island Maori Language Guidelines list a number of tools and suggestions to help you learn this particular language.

It may be possible to encourage your local communities to study other Cook Island vernaculars or language. About the Cook Islands M?ori Language guidelines. Pasifika Education Plan emphasizes the importance of connection and response to the identity, language and culture of each Pasifika group in the school.

The well-being and performance of the pupils is increased if their study is reflected and strengthened, where they come from, what they value and what they already know. Kuki Airani is celebrating the identities, language and culture of Cook Islands and Cook Islands student and their family and helping this group of apprentices to become involved and succeed.

In this particular language teaching programme we support the curricular principle of language teaching and language integration and offer all pupils the possibility to obtain the results described in the field of language learn. Kuki Airani is helping all New Zealanders on their way to a common understanding of culture.

Acquiring a new vocabulary gives us insights into new ways of thought, convictions and culture practice. Anyone who is studying the Cook Islands will help to uphold them. Acquiring a new foreign tongue enhances students' verbal and intercultural comprehension and their capacity to communicate adequately with other speaking people.....

It is through this interactivity that pupils gain insights, abilities and mindsets that equips them to live in a different people, language and culture. Some of the materials refer to the NZ-Schule' s syllabus, but we have incorporated them as they are still invaluable resource to help ECE Instructors.

Team Kaveinga o Team Geo M?ori K?ki '?irani: Airini The Cook Islands M?ori Guidelines Airini The Cook Islands K?ki Guidelines - was developed to assist the teachings and study of Airini as an auxiliary English in early infancy and at New Zealand Schools. This defines the competences that students need to be able to use te ro M?ori K?ki'?irani to efficiently comunicate.

Proposals for the teachings and study of K?ki'Airini in early infancy and in schools are in it. The multimedia tool helps to teach and learn K?ki'Airini as an extra in grades 7 to 10. This bilingual tool is developed to help early English speaking children learn the English and alphabetize in middle classes.

Teachers' and parents' assistance equipment will accompany these activities. Most of the bilingual titles are available as PDF and all of them as sound file in PDF format. There are six fairy tale booklets, each containing teaching aids, designed to use the I-E-Ko-Ko! ressource. Get to know words, idioms and pronunciations of the Cook Islands M?ori and discover facets of the Cook Islands M?ori Cultures.

As a Facebook member, there is a group of Cook Islands Week members you can join to stay informed about the latest information, available materials and upcoming activities. The Facebook Fellowship provides learning languages to help those who want to get the fundamentals of Airini. The site provides images of basic Cook Islands sayings at M?ori

Tagata Pasifika's movie outlines how people of Cook Island ancestry K?ki'Airini learn so that they can share their own childhood with them. Watch this movie to see how the Cook Islands gathered in Tokoroa to mark Cook Island Spanish School M?ori in 2012. The Kia Or?na is a welcome hymn of the Cook Islands with the Rarotonga flower.

These were chosen by New Zealand pilgrims and recounted in English and Pasifika. Broadcasting stations offering background information, concerts, news, talkbacks, contests, events as well as storytelling in K?ki'Airini and other Pasifika language. You can order it from Down the Back of the Chair, the Ministry of Education's catalog of educational materials for schoolchildren.

It shows the advantages of the appreciation and exchange of language that pupils of Passifika have. While some of the ressources are related to the NZ-Schule' s syllabus, we have listed them above, as they are still invaluable resource to help ECE Instructors.

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