Macquarie Island

The Macquarie Island

The Macquarie Island Cloud and Radiation Experiment (MICRE). On Macquarie Island â Australian Antarctic Division this weekend. We' re reporting this weeks Macca Midwinter's festivities on the island: our swimming, spas, lavish dinners, fun and play. On Macca this weekend we greeted a young seals, celebrate a birth anniversary and go by boat to Green Gorge. In Macca this weekend we saw a selion meal and two expedition anniversaries.

On Macca this weekend it's another excursion for three expedition members and a special anniversary for all of us to have! We recall this midweek victim of soldiers and wives on a rainy and draughty Anzac day. Macca coached for every emergencies this weekend, enjoying Easter and celebrating a birth day!

Research Base Macquarie Island becomes 70 â Australian Antarctic Division

The Macquarie Island Research Base is celebrating its 70 year existence this weekend as construction begins on a new base on the banks of Tasmania's jagged outskirts. This subantarctic base was opened on March 21, 1948 with a group of 14 expedition participants. Sadly, seal hunters and other observers were bringing rabbit, rat and mouse parasites to the island.

Completion of the new ward is scheduled for 2021â22, followed by closure of the current ward. Priority will be given to minimising the siteâ??s actual dimensions, simplifying and reducing long-term maintainance of the space and integrating new Technologies such as the completion of long-term scientific applications. Today, the centre is home to 14 expedition participants who landed on Australia's Aurora Australis ice-breaker at the beginning of this monthly and will live and work on the island for the next 12 moths.

Success for Macquarie: 27/05/2014, Behind the Messages

At Macquarie Island, the task was given to the hounds to hunt imported bunnies and to restore the place to its original form. The Macquarie Island is wind and ice! No wonder, Macquarie Island is about halfway between Tassie and Antarctica. In the course of the times it has unfortunately also been the home of some unpleasant creatures.

rabbit, rat and mouse. At the beginning of the 19th century, when seals came here, the rabbit was imported as a nutritional resource. For 150 years, the bunnies that didn't become feed made the best of their new home! Also, a number of animals such as cats, cubs, birds and birds found their way to the island, hunted down birds' eggs and ate local seed.

So, the government agreed that they had to do something to stop the bunnies and other parasites and restore this place to its original state. First of all, we dropped toxic granules that worked on rat and mouse. However, lately this dog crew and their trainer have been tracking down the island’ last year, the island’s rabbit remains.

Hunter say they've looked all over the island and found nothing. We record all her travels and we record her on a chart of the island, and she was so thoroughly hidden that we would have found her if there had been a bunny who ate, dug or left marks in the silt.

Soon it' t'time for the hounds to get involved in something new. Several of the hounds will be quarantined. WILLIAMS NANCYE, DOG HANDLER: Definitely an emotive moment to know that you have to give them back at the end and not see them again. However, although it will be an adaptation for both of them and their dog handler, they are pleased that it is a good work.

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