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Vacation Cape Verde Whales Volcano Music Beatles Turtles Sailing Diving Snorkeling Hiking Natural Beauty. In search of a week in January without stupid flight time came the Cape Verde Islands. Kapverdian holidays | Our Cape Verdean holidays would not be the same without the fiery island of Fogo! Indulge yourself with The Level in this hotel for adults only on the Cape Verde Islands. Kitesurf Cape Verde Kitesurf Holidays with the experts at Planet.

Traveling to Cabo Verde

You will be met at your Mindelo hotels at 9.30 a.m. by a coach with your tourist guides (the groups are 2 - 20 participants according to the number of participants booked). Mindelo has wonderful nostalgic architectural style known as the birthplace of the internationally renowned Cape Verdian vocalist Cesaria Evora (also known as "bare-feet diva") and has a long tradition in the UK military and global commerce from the eighteenth to the twenty-first cent.

Then you will be taken to the fishmarket, the harbour, the renowned Rua Lisboa, the birthplace of Cesaria Evora, the central plaza and much more. Afterwards (around 12:00) you get on the coach and drive to Monte Verde, the highest peak of the isle, with magnificent views over the isle.

Then you will go to Baia Das Gatas, Calhau and Salamansa - fishing towns in the northern part of the isle. At Calhau we will have a 3-course meal, mainly devoted to traditional regional cuisine ( "fish or meat"), around 2.30 pm we will have a cup of tea and walk back north-east to Mindelo. On the way back we will cross Madeiral, a long lush and verdant river basin with many small farmhouses - with bananas, papayas, mange, palms, canes, etc.).

You' ll be back at your lodge around 4.30.

Cap Verde Holidays 2018 / 2019

If you arrive at the right moment, you can also see a scarce hawksbill tortoise or a hunchback toadfish! If it' s convenient for a stroll, drive to the cities or fishermen settlements spread across the archipelago, such as the relaxing Santa Maria on the Salerno.

Check out a regional fair or try some of the best regional specialities in a selection of good places to eat. Come and join us in February for our Halloween party while the sound filled the atmosphere and the dancing people roamed the city. When you are looking for postcards you will find them at every turn during your holidays in Cape Verde.

Wander through the apparently never-ending, powder-soft, whitish sands of Santa Maria, which stretch for four and a half mile. Colorful fishermen' s vessels cavort on the blue waters, making it the perfect place to unwind and enjoy the sun and the view. Buracona is one of the most beloved places to photograph, less than an hour's car ride from Santa Maria.

Its breathtaking shores are not only a real attraction for sun-seekers, the indigenous fauna also likes them. Each year, tusks come back to these shores to nest their shells. Booking your Cape Verdean holidays between June and October, you can experience this astonishing spectacle of nature on a tortoise viewing trip. Or, if you come in March/April, you can also see a beautiful hunchback that is on its way through.

Cape Verde's cuisine is as colorful and lively as the Cape Verdean cuisine. Here you will find a selection of fine dining with typical dishes such as cappupa, a typical slowly prepared meal of red meats and green coffee or seafood with a strong Portugese ancestry. Savour the fruit of the ocean with freshly barbecued lobsters, rinsed with the freshly barbecued lokal tigel, a sweet corn rumen.

Every year in February, Portugal merges with Africa for the beloved Mindelo Carnival. It is one of many celebrations that take place all year round, it is a season to celebrate and celebrate. Just like Rio Carnival, it is an intoxicating mixture of colorful outfits, full of feather and sequin, hammering hammam and dance.

Cap Verde is best suited for..... Untouched shores and unforgettable sundowns make Cape Verdean holiday perfect for the family. Stroll along the coast of Santa Maria and discover heavenly heaven. Or, together, you can have a great picknick on the beautiful whitest beach of Boa Vista. Accompany the celebration of Carneval with an intoxicating mixture of regional cuisine, drinks, sounds and waltz.

Watch moguls off the coast during the hike or experience the wonder of tortoise barnstorm. We use the Cape Verdean escuido. It'?s our turn: Kap Verde is 1h behind GMT/UK Zeit. Flying times from the UK: Flying to Cape Verde takes 6hrs. It' simple to see the shining turquoise cabs of the islands, which have a striking green strip.

Usually there is a wide choice, but the costs for the tariffs can differ according to the season. Carneval: The Mindelo Carneval of Sao Vincente is one of the largest Cape Verdean carneval festivals in the year. There is a lively mixture of jazz, latin, Reggae and native folk music, which is danced at the dancefloor until the early morning hour.

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