Mt Hobson great Barrier Island

To Mt Hobson Large Barrier Island

Mt Hobson (Hirakimata in Maori) is the highest mountain on Great Barrier Island, New Zealand. The Great Barrier, the largest island in Hauraki Gulf and off the coast of the North Island, is a bushy paradise for vacationers, surfers and hitchhikers. great barrier, Auckland, New Zealand. Hiking and circular hike to Mt Hobson, the highest point of the island. Panoramic view from Mt Hobson, Great Barrier Island.

Hiking and Hitchhiking in Great Barrier Island/Aotea

The Kaiara Trail is an impressive adventure for hikers - a broad range of vegetation from small plant and soil to large tree species in mature forests, historical places and, to the peak, panoramic views of the island, its coves, and the neighboring isles. The trail climbs continuously from FSC to Cooper's Castle Trail intersection and crosses the creek at several points with a row of hanging walkways and timber walkways.

Shortly before this crossing there is a siding to the remnants of the lower Kauri-Damm. The remnants of the lower Kauri embankment dyke (1 hour 30 minutes from the Kaiara hut) were constructed in the 1920', together with six smaller at high. The embankments were triggered one after another once they had been charged, so that a full explosion struck the lower embankment and drove the trunks into the bay of Kaiara.

Over the embankment area the path meanders through semi-solid wood with good samples of and large kohkohe. The path from here is steep and goes up stairs that defend the nest sites of the birds and the delicate eco-systems up to the apex. There is a brief walk to the Kaiara Hut and the beginning of the route.

Near the top, the path takes you to a ripe wood, where deforestation was too severe and the fire on the lower hillsides was not enough. Remains of an old and valuable coniferous wood, namely Romu, Kirk's Pineapple, Pinkskin and Cayuri. Formerly common on the North Island, the brood-colonies of this huge, trench-breeding seabird are now limited to Great Barrier Island Aotea and Hauturu?/?Little Barrier Island.

Aotea is the largest of the colonies on Great Barrier Island, hatching every year from October to May on the Mt. Hobson (Hirakimata) hills. Ripe fowls fly for month on lake as far as to South America and come back to the island only to hatcher. Take care of them when they're out at work.

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