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About Norfolk Island

For all your holiday enquiries, please contact the friendly staff at Norfolk Island Tourism. One of Australia's most isolated communities and one of its oldest territories, Norfolk Island was settled six weeks after Australia was established in Sydney, New South Wales. About Norfolk Island in general. Norfolk Island is a small island in the Pacific Ocean, first populated by Eastern Polynesian sailors. For more information, please contact us.

About Norfolk Island

Isle of Paradise - Captain James Cook on his second trip around the globe on 10 October 1774 explored the desert island, about thirty thousand years after Norfolk floated over the sea floor. Northfolk Island was largely deserted until Cook explored the island. The island was called in honor of the Duchess of Norfolk, a woman of England's clan.

Whereas the island was not inhabited at the moment of exploration, indications of an earlier Polynesian invasion were found. Norfolk Island is home to one of the first settlement in the South West Pacific. It' probably the most popular place of the 19th c. Brits' prison sentences.

Lieutenant Philip Gidley King and 22 colonists (including 9 males and 6 females) arrived in what is now Kingston, Norfolk Island, on 6 March 1788, less than two month after the founding of the New South Wales Congregation. The village was closed in 1814 after all houses were destroyed to prevent the unauthorized occupancy of the island.

The Norfolk Island should be left unpopulated for another 11 years. In 1825 a second prison colony without free colonists was built for the worse prisoners from New South Wales and Van Diemen's Land. Circumstances were tough and inhuman, often leading to killings, mutiny and attempted escapes by the inmates.

In the second settlement, the prisoners on the island peaked at around 2,000. Kingston's beautiful edifices were constructed by prisoners during this time. But until 1855, however, the island was abandoned as a punishment settlement due to official pressures. and New Norfolk in Van Diemen's County.

Island dwellers - The third phase of the invasion of Norfolk Island began when the Bounty mutineers' offspring set sail from Pitcairn Island to establish themselves on Norfolk Island. A total of 194 persons (40 men and 47 wives, 54 boys and 53 girls) made this 3,700 miles, a five-week trip to Norfolk Island, which arrived on June 8, 1856.

Nearly all these new colonists were descendents of the most celebrated rebellion in contemporary society - HMS Bounty. June 8th is still the most important date in the Norfolk Island calender. The Bounty Day, or Anniversary Day, as it is officially known, is a feast day on which today's offspring are celebrating the coming of their ancestors.

It has to go via an overseas airport because our airline is Air New Zealand and they are only allowed to go to one overseas airport in Australia. Stringent rules of isolation are in place to keep the island intact and you are not allowed to take along either indoors or out.

We have a spare level under the island. We' ve got cow and cow roaming freely all over the island and every turn has another Kodak instant ready - really stunning with every turn. It' not possible not to decelerate on the island, which only means that even the most cited travelers will be thrilled and like a million dollar at the end of a perfectly good stop.

The sub-tropical Norfolk Island has a year-round temperature between 13 and 28ÂșC. The island is also known as Norfolk Island. On the island there is a meteorology office and the prognoses are very precise. The PHONES - Because we are in a secluded place, we have created our own telecommunications network. The cost for landline is 20 eurocent per minutes and for foreign calling about 80 eurocent per second.

You have your own dialling codes (6723), i.e. all phone numbers to and from the island require an internal dialling codes (e.g. 0011 6723 xxxxx). WE have good speed high-speed high-speed satelite web connection (now includes the NBN satellite), although it varies depending on your area.

The island currently has two ISPs. FM89 is broadcast by Radio Norfolk every day. AM1566 and 9 and a regional A4 sheet is on sale every Saturday. Global Roughing is available to those who have enabled mobile phone global calling (before travelling to the island):

Or you can buy a $20 top-up locally available card (including $10 call credit), although this will not work if your cell is''locked'' into a schedule. They will then have a Norfolk number to make or answer a call. There are two large bank accounts (Westpac and Commonwealth Bank) on the island.

Visas and Mastercard and Credit Card are acceptable all over the island. Passengers travel to Norfolk Island on national flights from Brisbane or Sydney (from overseas terminals). You have to be at the time of your arrival at the port of origin about 3 hrs before your arrival and, as with any foreign flights, you have to pass customs to get to your gatepost.

Stringent isolation regulations are in place if you cannot deliver fruits or veggies, plants or seed to the island. That' s what they call the "Norfolk wave". These techniques are tried and tested locally and will always be a big snap. There are also two tour operator offering trips around the island and to Phillip Island for those who are not interested in the game.

It is 1610km ENE from Sydney, 1456km ESE from Brisbane, 1063km NNW from Auckland and 772km SE from Noumea. The Norfolk Island is an 8 km long and 5 km broad volcano eruption. There are two smaller uninhabitated isles, Nepean and Phillip, in the southern part of the island at a radius of 1 km and 6 km respectively.

The area of Norfolk Island is 3855 ha. It has always drawn the attention of gifted wellness professionals who offer various treatments for massages, treatments for your skin, your skin and spirit. We are an outlying area of Australia and English is spoken, but we also have a UNESCO-approved tongue known as Norfolk. MedCare now covers Norfolk Island and our resident physicians can offer standard MP care.

At the moment Norfolk Island has about 1,700 residents with about the same number of offspring from Pitcairn Island, Australians and New Zealanders. The island also has childcare centers and occasional babysitters. It follows an old British custom, where stores shut at noon. Northfolk Island is at the same timeframe as AST during the summer season and 1h ahead when summer season has expired.

The island has no means of transportation. The first naval botanical village on Norfolk Island was populated only 6 sabbatically. 2nd Village - Time of Punishment: The island was then used as a very hard and inhumane punishment camp for second criminals who perpetrated serious crime.

During this time no wives or kids were allowed and the prisoners were sent to the island to impose horrible sentences and their deaths. StrÀflingsruinen still stand in the World Heritage area of Kingston, where most of the houses have been renovated in the pristine Georgia architectural styles and are now used for the administration of the island.

The Bounty was sunk in Pitcairn Island by Christian and some rebels, 6 Tahite wives and 2 Tahite men, where they stayed for many years of reclusive Iceland. Her offspring were found by an US whaler long after everyone died, and it was found that they had grown out of their home on the island.

In 1856 Queen Victoria gave the settlement to the new cleared Norfolk Island. There are a small number returning to Pitcairn Island and we still have offspring of the sixth and seventh generations on Norfolk Island today. Isle of Norfolk!

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