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You' re acting like shoes don't matter. So why don't you take your shoes off and move in for a while? Eftpos facilities available - Norfolk Island Forum Hi all, we will arrive on Friday (November 25th) on the island and I hope to be able to do some Christmas groceries while we are there. Have most stores and eateries eftpos establishments or do they favor currency? Thanks in advanced, hello, Christmas shoppings on Norfolk Island !

Except for shoes and some ground coffee, everything is more than in Australia or New Zealand. Yeah, most people take aftpos, but they have trouble with the cauri shell currency swap. There' s only one ATM on the island at the Commonwealth Bank, although there is also a Westpac office. Aftpos is available in most stores on Norfolk Island, we were recently on Norfolk Island and the retailing costs are low.

Norfolk Island has many things to buy that don't exist on the continent. You' re acting like shoes don't matter. At Norfolk Island there is still a duty-free harbour, and 95% of the towns have aftpos. Isle of Norfolk has forgot about you - really.

Whilst I wasn't interested in buying because I'm generally not a buyer, I'm not - even more so when I'm traveling - watching last year as my buddies had to buy replacement cases to fill everything they were buying, which included importing leathershoes, importing from Europe and many other import articles that were all laughably cheaper in comparison to the same makes in Europe.

In most cases, re éftpos was available everywhere, with the exception of booths. Thanks to everyone for the information about Eftpo's institutions. Also a big thank you to those of you who supported my plans to do some purchasing on Norfolk Island. We' re living in a very small town and the next proper shop is only an hour's car ride away - it will be a first for me to go to the real stores (as distinct from the online stores) for anything but groceries.

Shoes, clothes and hopefully a handbag - a paradise for shoppers! We will all be curious how you liked it and how much you bought!

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