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USA vote against UN Security Council decision in favour of Guam self-determination

One United States spokesman rejected a United Nations UN decision on Guam's right to self-determination and stated that the decision contained a voice that seems to be attacking the United States. "Today we are profoundly disillusioned that counter-productive supplements have been forcing us to cast our votes against the Guam motion for the first timeframe in over 20 years," the US spokesman said.

Pacific Daily News could not verify the identities of the US agent who was not called. By 80 in favour, nine against and 62 abstention, the United Nations Special Committee on Politics and Decolonisation adopted the motion for a Guam Declaration. United States, Japan, Great Britain, France, Iraq, Israel, Morocco, Malawi and Ukraine rejected the motion.

Since its first adoption by a smaller commission in June, the motion, which has been amended, calls on the UN Assembly to take decisions including: to urge Guam and the US to try to reach agreement on self-determination; to call on the US. Work fully with the Subcommittee to support the decolonisation of Guam; demand that the U.S. surrender to the initial land owners in Guam; demand that the U.S. recognize and recognize the culture and ethnical identities of the Chamorro tribes; and urge the U.S. and Guam to defend the natural world from the damaging effects of militarisation.

At the beginning of October, Governor Eddie Calvo and sixteen applicants, among them Vice President Therese Terlaje and Senator Telena Nelson, came to the Fourth Committee to call for the passing of the dissolution and to coerce the US into cooperating with Guam on the way to self-determination. As the US spokesman said, the motion contains a troubled wording that appears to be being used as a policy assault on America.

It quoted the tensions caused by North Korea, the Supreme Administrative Tribunal judgment, Guam's plebiscite bill and the allegation of adverse effects of hostilities on the isle. It was wrong to believe that the existence of a civilian force harms the right of tribal peoples.

Regarding the decolonisation related policy state, the US spokesman said that the UN must stop considering autonomy as the most important one. While the US recognizes sovereignty as an optional, the US will also embrace non-self-governing areas that integrate with the administrative powers or maintain the statute-que.

It also referred to Guam's Plebiscite Act, which was defeated in a Federal Tribunal that would have permitted the Chamorros tribes of Guam to cast votes with the United States on their privileged state. "He said that the right to self-determination for a nation in a non-self-governing area should be enjoyed by all the nation, not just part of the local populace.

In his concluding remarks, the US delegate stated that the draft solution is non-binding and does not necessarily comply with public law. Venezuelan and Singapore delegates have voiced their endorsement of the Guam motion. Singapore has declared that it stands behind Guam and other non-self-governing areas that want to fully exert their right to self-determination.

The Guam delegation's reservations were sympathetic to Venezuela. "It was touching when the complainants voiced their fear of being involuntary entangled in a local tense resulting from the speech of certain actors," said the Venecolanist. The Brazilian authorities also endorsed the decision, but were concerned about the decision of the Swiss Supreme Administrative Tribunal on the Act on Plebiscites, which is currently being challenged by Attorney General Elizabeth Barrett-Anderson.

It should be further debated until a general settlement is reached, the Brazilian spokesman said. In the opinion of the Canadian proxy, the judgment and the appeals are not issues that should be considered by the General Assembly. Against this backdrop, the country abjured and hopes that the Fourth Committee will achieve a compromise on the dissolution in the notation.

The vote and debate of the Guam motion can be found on a live stream on the U.N. website. It is entitled "Fourth Committee, Twenty-seventh Assembly - General Assembly, 72. Below is the Guam resolution:

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