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The article describes the geography of the Republic of Kiribati. Kir-ee-bahs", the widely dispersed nation of Kiribati, is located in the Pacific Ocean on the edge of the equator and includes the island groups Gilbert, Phoenix and Line. KIRR-i-bas (Republic of Kiribati) is an island state in the central tropical Pacific. Since rising sea levels are forcing people to leave this island nation, they could be the last inhabitants. The site deals with many aspects of the island nation of Kiribati.

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The following articel discusses the geographical situation of the Republic of Kiribati. The island Kiribati is made up of 32 atols and one island spread over all four continents, in an extent of the oceans equal to the greatness of the United States. They are located about half way between Hawaii and Australia in the micronean and polyynesian parts of the South Pacific.

There are three major archipelagos: the Gilbert Island, the Phoenix Island and the Line-Islands. Kiribati relocated the International Date Line to the most eastern island on 1 January 1995 and made it a single date in the whole state. The Kiribati archipelago comprises Kiritimati (Christmas atolls; on the line islands), the biggest island of corals in the word (measured by surface area, not by dimensions) and Banaba (ocean island), one of the three large Pacific Phosphat isles.

Oceania, archipelago in the Pacific Ocean that spans the balance, about half the way from Hawaii to Australia; notice - on January 1, 1995, Kiribati one-sidedly shifted the International Date Line from the center of the land to incorporate its most eastern isles and make them throughout the whole land on the same time.

Phoenix Islands Protection Area accounts for 11.34% of the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of Kiribati and, at 408,250 square kilometres, is the second biggest sea conservation area (MPA) in the Pacific. It has a surface area of 811 square kilometres (313 square kilometres). There are three groups of islands - Gilbert Islands, Line Islands, Phoenix Islands.

The largest part of the country on these islets is less than two meters above the surface [2] The entire surface area of the country, which includes the amount of surface waters and lands, is 2,485 sqm. In a 1989 United Nations survey, Kiribati was described as one of the twenty-first centuries that could vanish entirely if no action is taken to combat worldwide warming.

All in all, the coast line of the island is 1,143 km long. The Kiribati area is 12 nm (22 km, 14 mi) with an Exclusive Economic Zone of 22 nm (370 km, 230 mi). They are relatively shallow. Crop area is 2.5%.

The area under cultivation amounts to approx. 40% of the available area. There are a few saplings and they take up 10% of the country. Approximately 50% of the area is used for residential and industrial purposes. Geoography - Comment 21 of the 33 Isles are populated; Banaba (Ocean Island) in Kiribati is one of the three large Pacific Island phosphates - the others are Makatea in French Polynesia and Nauru.

It is the only land in the whole wide hemisphere (North, Southeast, Easterly and Western). These are the extremes of Kiribati further northerly, southerly, easterly or westerly than any other place.

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