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Arrival to Bora Bora, Moorea and other islands. Find the lowest fares on delta flights from Bora Bora to Singapore. Get the best flight deals and promotions on Bora Bora to Singapore flight booking. Booking your flight from Atlanta (ATL) to Bora Bora (BOB) with our best price guarantee. You can find some of the best all-inclusive holidays to Mexico, Costa Rica and the Caribbean+ on Delta Air Lines.

Demonstrate the use of delta miles to Bora Bora

For this article I will discuss an alternative to cash Sky Tahiti Air Tahiti Air France in Business Travel for a journey to Polynesia (to take a dedicated Air Tahiti service to Bora Bora and Moorea). Being a general issue most all delta aviators face. What do you think of a value in the Sky Pesos points programme and use your points for actual mileage?'s website has some known error improvements, such as when you are booking a low and a middle premium section, the system will be adding two airtime earning requests together instead of taking the higher amount of the two. I will describe in detail how to get to Bora Bora Bora French Polynesia with DL-mile and how to prevent a frequent mistake in the price setting on

When you arrive in Tahiti, you can make a brief jump on Air Tahiti to one of the Fr. Polynesian isles. Two of the most valuable rewards I have used my Sky Miles for are my Business Courses to the Seychelles on Air France, Delta and Air Seychelles and an imminent Business Courses for Bora Bora on Air France and Delta.

Please find below a way to win a Sky Miles Awards for Bora Bora. It' important to find the LAX to VPT first. To find the best way to find out how much is available is to register for a Flying Blue Air France membership and use the rewards calender.

Complimentary 120k mile per Bora Bora from the USA, while Delta calculates 150k mile per bus. As soon as I found the PPT of LAX I knew that the real problem would be to find a low LAX level of accessibility from my home ATL.

Obviously my preferred low price options were not available. I was only available at the middle awards (80k in the first grade from ATL to LAX). So, my airfare price calculation was out at 230k per card (150k + 80k). So, I looked for -1/+1 day and found PHX on a first grade local plane at a low rent.

My less than expected route was ATL > PHX > LAX > PPT > LAX > PHX > ATL, but I was able to get the 150k Sky Miles per Business Classic ATL. If I am a member of Diamant, I can change / cancelling premium reservations free of cost so that I monitored air travel for the last 8 months/weeks.

Rebooking free of charge was recently returned to Sky Milesinum members. Approximately three week before takeoff, I found the low reward levels on the ATL to LAX-flights. And the best part is the LAX to ATL ride on a 777 with reclining seat.

In the Delta Sky programme there is a value, you just have to be agile and do a little more work. On the first sight the journey to Bora Bora would have taken me 230k mile per capita, but after a little exertion I could get a low price on my precise schedule and on my perfect plan.

Travelling to Seychelles and Bora Bora are two of the cheapest in the Sky Miles itinerary. Look for the travelogue when I get back from the journey.

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