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View more ideas about Norfolk Island, Island and Islands. The Coast Guard discontinues Port State X-RAY for Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands due to Hurricane Beryl. The pictures show the plane in rocky terrain.

Our friend @HowieGuja takes us on a photo tour of the island this weekend. Have a look at our gallery below for a selection of in-game images.


On March 6, 2016 last week-end we awoke to a Sunday mornings. This is a lovely tomorrow to prepare for the Norfolk Island Foundation Day 228. year. Louise's Tavener, from Go Norfolk, had asked me if I could take photos, so I had my equipment on Saturday evening to take photos of this year's reenactment of the historic event.

First fleets landed here on Norfolk Island on March 6, 1788. Twenty two First Fleeters, among them Lieutenant Phillip Gidley King, landed on the HMS Supply vessel. They spent a few nights looking for a secure landing place around Norfolk Island and were able to get back onshore.

"Kingston" was originally named "King's Town," after Lieutenant Phillip Gidley King, the first governor of Norfolk Island. During the reenactment, the locals Norfolk Islanders actor in old clothes and army outfits and they climbed two replicas on the other end of Emily and the men rowing across the tranquil, bluish waters to the Salt Mill end of the cove and came on land on the sand beaches with boxes and even chokes.

Arriving at the shore, they went to the designated publicly screening area and established a campground, raised the British flag and took Norfolk Island in the name of His Majesty King George III and drank a king and country foray. Also, the students from the village play an important role in the morning show.

You will be reading the first settlers' tales and drawing a portrait of the people who populated this secluded South Pacific island on March 6, 1788. The Norfolk Island natives, many tourists and especially the offspring of the First Fleeters were enjoying the festivities in the morning. First Fleet descendents also placed a memorial ring on the rim of the waters to honor and show their ancestors, the creators of Norfolk Island.

We can all see the importance of the First Fleet's contributions during the mornings. Norfolk Island now embeds this story and civilization for coming generation. This year there was an additional commotion with the British TV actress and host Martin Clunes and his movie team, who were also present on the forenoon.

He and his crew worked on a documentation about "Australia's Remote Islands". In the mornings, Martin and many others took pictures with their camera. Lunches were served at the booth of the Rotary Club of Norfolk Island for those who wanted to spend quality lunch on the beaches and in the shadow of the Norfolk pines.

A lot of also enjoying Se Moosa Bus with Brad Bus lunches Bus engaged cooks and sells is palette of foods from burger, crisps, roasted barbecue snacks to icecream and icecream. In the mornings, Lou Donald and Wendy Burrell also established stands to complement the morning's activity of the city.

During my mornings, I really liked taking pictures of the activity. Many thanks to Go Norfolk, Louse Tavener and Andre Nobbs for the coordination and direction of the meeting, the Norfolk Island Museum and the KAVHA employees for supporting the historic aspect of Foundation Day. Many thanks to Arthur Evans and Jimbo Tavener for setting up and packaging the gear, the KAHVA guys for all the requisites they delivered.

Thanks also to Andre for the soundsystem and to the Kelly Family for their songs and everyone else who made the tomorrow a big break. They were all proud of themselves once again and I am sure that all those who were there will be delighted to attend the Norfolk Island Foundation Day 228 Year Festival.

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