River Cruises England and Scotland

Cruises England and Scotland

From an article on British coastal, canal and river cruises at Durant and Cheryl Imboden's Europeforcruisers.com. On the Irish coast, a break at Liverpool and then north to the dramatic west coast of Scotland. Tour England, Scotland and Wales to visit Scottish castles, taste local whiskies and see Roman baths. Travel through the heritage of England & Scotland, from Windsor Castle, the slopes of Ben Nevis to the Gothic architecture of York.

To Ireland we continue to Scotland, a similar fantastic destination.

Hotel Boat Trips in Northern England 2018>>

The Pennines and Peak District in northern England posed many problems for sewermen. Leeds and Liverpool and Rochdale Canals and Huddersfield Narrow Canals lead across the Pennine Hills. On your hotel boat trip you can look forward to beautiful mountain landscapes and technical highlights such as the Standedge Tunnel on Huddersfield Narrow Channel, the Bingley Five Rise sluices on Leeds and Liverpool Canals and the Rochdale Channel through the heart of Manchester.

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Boat trips in England and Scotland

ABOVE: Henley-on-Thames on the Magna Carta route (first picture below). Caledonian Canal, home of the Scottish Highlander-hotelships. You could call a boat in a luxury cabin "like a narrow boat, but larger with more decks". "Most of the broadships are rebuilt freighters from the early to the middle of the 20th century:

Due to their width, they only travel on lakes, streams and large navigation channels. Otherwise, hotelships provide a similar to a narrow boat in terms of luxury cruises: Bargees wind their way along the waters gradually, serving a small number of people ('typically eight to twelve), offering many ways to get out and savour a village or pub along the towing path, and pampering the passenger with gastronomic delights by a chief on board.

Wraysbury, England-based European Waterways Ltd. is the best-known inland waterway line in the UK. More than 30 years ago, the CEO of the firm, Derek Banks, bought his first Netherlandish haulier for the reconstruction into the hotelship Anjodi. At the moment European Waterways is offering luxurious cruises in England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Belgium, Germany, Holland and Italy.

On the Magna Carta, which is the cruise route between Henley-on-Thames and Hampton Court Palace for most of the cruise period, European Waterways is marketing six-night cruises in England with extra cruises on topics such as antique, gardening, West End Theater and Christmas. This luxurious ship offers space for eight passengers in four cabins with en-suite bathrooms.

Further North, the Scottish Highlander crosses the Caledonian Canal between Fort William and Inverness. Six nights include tours of the palace, Loch Ness cruises and a variety of highland landscapes. Christmas, New Year and special charters are also possible. The nine-seat Tranquil Rose, owned by Steve and Steph Furniss, sails the Thames, Grand Union Canal, Kennet & Avon Canal and other British waters from April to October.

The majority of cruises last seven days, with a fistful of nine days. A specially designed, luxurious designer boating shop, Lady Teal drives with Nick at the wheel and Gina cooking the meal through the Yorkshire, Lancashire and other parts of northern England. For a glimpse of what you can look forward to from a luxurious boating holiday in a luxurious resort, please see our illustrative shipping report on La Renaissance, the European waterway fleet's flag ship in France.

Remark: Cruises on hotels (as compared to small boats in England) are less popular in the UK than on the continent for a basic reason: In the nineteenth century the continent's channels were modernised and extended to accept bigger vessels and barge, while the small UK channels remained largely in their pristine width, as the railways became Britain's dominating means of transport during the industrial era.

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