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???), archaic spelling Tbilisi, is the capital of Georgia and lies on the banks of the river Mtkvari. Receive the weather forecast for Tbilisi. Explore Tbilisi, Georgia with the help of your friends. Actual local time in Georgia - Tbilisi.

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One of the most widespread legends about the foundation of Tbilisi is that King Vakhtang I Gorgasali hunted with a hawk in the densely forested area in the middle of the 5th AD. His Majesty King Vakhtang was so struck by the warm waters that he chose to fell the wood and construct a town.

Tbilisi's most important monuments are in the old town. The Narikala fortress can be seen from every point in ancient Tbilisi. The Rustaveli Avenue starts at Freedom Square and stretches over 1.5km. It is the centre of the town, where many of the state, culture and commercial institutions are situated.

Stroll through Rustaveli to see the day-to-day lives of the town, discover stores of global and regional brand names and get something to drink. Tbilisi Funicular is one of the most attractive funiculars in the whole wide canyon. There is a train to Mtatsminda - a nice theme and entertainment centre with a view of the whole town.

One of the longest and most attractive roads in the town. Sameba is one of the highest Orthodox churches in the East of the Earth. There are nine subterranean chapel complexes, various outbuildings and lovely parks. Telavi, the main town of the Kakheti district, is home to several of the world-famous wine cellars, arts galleries, palaces and a theatre where people sing and dance.

Eating, Sleeping and Shopping in Tbilisi, Georgia

About Tbilisi? An intricate mix of culture and influence makes Georgia's capitol Tbilisi a favourite week-end trip full of historic and cuisine. Tiflis is deduced from the Georgian term for" warm" - a hint at the town' s thermal spring, which is found in the sulphur spas on the eastern shore.

Narikala Castle is an outstanding characteristic of the town' s Skyline, and the simplest way to get to the top is by ropeway - 2. 50 Georean lani (Dh4) a way - from Rike Park. Starting from the fort, go to the threatening sculpture of Mother Georgia carrying a dagger and a goblet (just before sundown is the best time) and enjoy the view of Tbilisi below.

The Mtkvari River offers a view of inquisitive, future-oriented architectural styles such as the two metallic pipes at the northern end of Rike Park, which make up a musical venue and an exhibit area. Doubleroom costs from 669ari ('1,002). Costs from 283ari ((Dh423). Nominated after the famous georgic writer, the boutique-hotel Shota @ Rustaveli, in a quiet side road at Rustaveli Avenue, one is proud of environmentally sound equipment, high-quality lingerie and roomy rooms.

Double the costs from 445ari ('667). The Abanotubani is the old Tbilis sulfur spa. We also have rooms that are 60 liters (Dh90) for a bed and breakfast room. In the Royal Baths, which have exclusively en-suite rooms, you can reserve a peeling or massages for 15 laris (Dh22) or 90 laris (Dh135) for a steam room and warm and cold baths for two people.

Tekuna Gachechiladze is serving her "nouveau Georgian" dishes in a secluded backyard with desks under the big tree in the Cafe Littera in front of the extensive association of writers of Georgia. Favorites like Lamm mit Besika (red peppers paste) get a particular turn. A mains line has an avarage cost of 35 liters (Dh52).

Ezo, which means "farm", is a small room in a courtyard with home-made products and unadorned local cuisine. The network costs 20 liters on board on average Dh30. The filling consists of bovine meat, cheeses, potatoes and fungi of the season - for about 15 people. It is not possible to make a trip to Tbilisi without looking at the 2,000 square meter Dezert Bazaar (Tsinamdzgvrishvili Street) near the trainhof. It is dedicated to fleeing troops who used to sell their weapons here in the 1920s.

If you don't know Georgian, the best way to get started is to take a Culinary Backstreets guided walk through an encyclopaedia of local cuisine. The trips are 209 liters (Dh313) for a whole full days with meals and beverages. When you travel with your kids, you should go to the themepark ( "trips 1 to 5 lari[Dh1. 50 to ie7. 50]) on Mount Mtatsminda, with a stunning trip on a state-of-the-art cable car (2 to 3 liters, ie3 to ie4, 50) - you must buy a pass in the offices.

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