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Hawaii/USA is a little different from the UK - Honolulu Message Board In Hawaii, too, one can apparently be punished for traversing the street in the right place - again not the case in Great Britain/Europe. Penalties for traversing the street - is that so? Strands are free, aren't they? Do you know how to get a soda on the shore? I agree to drive on the wrongful side, but there are other roads rules that are'unusual' for us British!

If you are staying in a room in a room in a hotel, there may be areas where you can quit, i.e. you can only do so. Hawaii's most popular and free of charge beach is open to the general population. Once you have stopped at the traffic lights, you can turn right in almost all states (including Hawaii).

Some may have a seperate dotted dot on the left, which indicates that rotation is permitted when the dot is on. Other people are not permitted to do so, but unless there is a shield that prohibits such a train, it is permitted by standard in Hawaii. It is valid for junctions where there is no arrows or as extra curves that are permitted after the arrow'runs'.

Humans have a tendency to pause until the last moment...........and thus disturb the "river", especially during peak time. Don't be astonished if someone in front of you changes lane or turns without prior notice. There are no hotel or resort that allow smokers in the rooms.

I don't think there are any marked areas on the premises. The most beautiful resort is completely smoke-free. After 13 travels to Hawaii, I don't even recall anyone having smoked on the shore. Waikiki Sand Villa has some smokers' rooms or upstairs.

And, yes, you can have a cigarette on the shore and yes, they do. fines for going across the street - is that so? Do you know how to get a soda on the shore? I' m okay with riding on the bad side, but are there any other street rules that are'unusual' for us British! If you' re interested, I can unearth the Hawaii Drivers Guide from there.

There is something I don't know "unique" for Kaua'i, or any other island, when a vehicle stops in the alley and waits to turn off to the right (this is a two-lane road)'s fine to "bypass" it on the right side (provided you have enough space) - and at least here, when you are sitting behind the vehicle, you probably get a "stinking eye" if you don't!

Notice that you are an extreme anti-smoker - I recall previous topics, but please do not announce such imprecise and false pretensions. A lot of a hotel still has smokers' rooms - legal. A lot of others all went non-smoking. Almost every real estate has a proven smoker range.

It' perfectly legitimate to burn on the Oahu beach. Big Island has tried to impose a ban on smokers on some shores, but I do not know how successful they have been. I can' have enough trouble to be cautious when I cross the road. Hawaiians have a tendency to hire you, offering help and counseling on a voluntary basis.

When in Hawaii, you' re going with Aloha, especially when you're leaving town. Be respectful of the peoples and the country of Hawaii. Humans and timetables seem very relaxed. Keep in mind you are on the islands period, so be so patient, servicing is not fast. The Americans see tobacco in the general opinion ever worse, especially on a nice shore.

Discard your smoke in a container provided for that purpose; for God's sakes, don't throw it on the sands. American people in general are quite laid-back when it comes to sophistication. Just smiles, say thank you and please, and you will be considered more courteous than most American people. If you are going on a bustling pavement or climb stairs, keep in mind that we are passing on the right and not on the other.

Every kind of pejorative denomination used on a race or ethnical group will be received with terror by most Americans, whether in Hawaii or not.

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