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According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the epicentre was near the coast of Northern Chile. When you die in Hawaii without a will, your assets go to your next of kin under state intestate succession laws. Making Hawaii for states in cases of establishment clauses?

Neighborhoods are displaced by lava in Hawaii. Check out top Hawaiian colleges and universities.

It' the Hawaiians' rule is to be kind.

In the middle of the afternoons on our second outing in Hawaii, I wake up from a much needed snooze. Many words may be used to describe these types of meetings, but at least one of them is "Aloha". As it turns out, "Aloha" is actually the rule here.

Nowadays Hawaii has almost nine million holidaymakers a year, and "Aloha" is a term most of these tourist will be hearing during their stay on the island. It is also an abbreviation for the island ghost - the humans and the country - and what makes this place so special.

"Davianna P?maika?i McGregor, a Hawaii researcher and founder member of the Department of Ethnic Studies at the University of Hawaii, Manoa, says: "Alo means'face to face' and Ha means'breath of life'. A particularly memorable reading was given by a distinguished Maui eldest, Pilahi Paki, at the 1970 Hawaii 2000 meeting, where humans assembled to debate the past, present and prospective of Hawaii.

This was a period of increased dissension on the Isles, about Vietnam and other policy questions, and Paki got up to make an emotive talk about the Aloha spirit - in other words, the singular Hawaiian spirit and culture that is more united than divided. She described what Aloha was talking about the way humans should interact with each other.

During her address she broken down every character of "Aloha" into one sentence. Hawaii's Aloha Spirit Act, which basically prescribes courtesy and friendliness, is based on this speech: "Akahai, which means friendliness, to be uttered with affection; L?kahi, which means oneness, to be uttered with blending; ?Olu?olu, which means pleasant, to be uttered with friendliness; Ha?aha?a, which means humbleness, to be uttered with humbleness; Although the Aloha spirit's laws only became formal in 1986, its roots are deep in the indigenous hawaiian civilization.

McGregor said to me, Aloha is a vision born of the need for Hawaiians to coexist and work together in total tranquillity, in tune with the country and their own convictions. The Californian coastline is about 2,400 nautical miles away, Japan more than 4,000 mile.

Most of the small islets ( "Maui", where I live) can be visited in a few days. Then as now, there are no links linking the archipelago, and even travelling between the two isles is a real challange. As everywhere, she added, Hawaii had its troubles with those who abuse it. But she said there is proof that if a chieftain did not trade with "Aloha", peace-loving Hawaiians would find ways to get them out.

It is not so much different from the current application of the Aloha Spirit Act. The Hawaiian prosecution says the bill is mostly figurative, but that doesn't mean it doesn't work - especially when politicians or businessmen get out of line. Nevertheless.... all Hawaiian nationals and Hawaiian civil servants are obliged to act in accordance with this law," Dana Viola, First Assistant Prosecutor General of Hawaii, said in an e-mail.

When a company or a civil servant does not trade with Aloha Spirit, they could loose businesses or be punished public. However, Wendell Kekailoa Perry, an associate lecturer at the Hawai'inuiakea School of the Hawaiian knowlegde, who has thoroughly read the Aloha Spirit Act, said that the Act and its spirit are not always affirmative.

"The" Aloha spirit is used to say that anyone in Hawaii can and should "feel loving humanity"... and] says that the Aloha spirit goes beyond raciality, difference and community or equality". The Hawaiian people are said to have the capacity to preserve global civilization with Aloha and the related reciprocal regard before Paki, who was the inspiration for the kill.

" Even though the bill probably has its weaknesses, it is something that still swings on the isles. "Hawaiians often say Hawaii is a lovely place, but the thing about their experiences is the way the local residents are, and how kind the local population is," said Tulsi Gabbard, representative of the state of Hawaii.

"After all, in the United States and around the globe..... Aliving aloha truly - with mutual esteem and affection for others - we can be enabled to bridge these gaps and find the best ways to improve the well-being of humans and our planets. "When you think of Hawaii, it's often in connection with a vacation.

Aloha Spirit is similar. I will say for now that for me Aloha is friendliness and unity - something important to remember between "hello" and "goodbye".

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