Is Vanuatu French

Vanuatu is French?

In the jungle ziplines and French restaurants, the Vanuatu of tradition, taboos and black magic. French ambassador to Vanuatu. In Vanuatu - a. Pacific Island - there is an excellent experimental environment for testing the argument.

The Vanuatu Tourism Office - Nice brandnew and french language in Vanuatu Turismo A/S | Tam Tam Tam Tura | Industry News and Corporate

Vanuatu Tourist Office is proud to announce the launch of its new French website: Several years have passed since the last French website was launched, and today French-speaking users have at last gained direct accessibility to current tourist and travel-related information and resources that specifically highlight tourist and tour-related activities and offerings for French tourists, such as a wealth of culture, personal outings, community-based trips, eco-adventures, extensive culinary experience and any other information that is not available to the French tourist to help the French traveller choose Vanuatu as their next stop.

This new website, based on the German language versions, provides a refreshing look, a professionally designed and easy-to-use interface with community content and shared content for all types of visitor from pairs, family, schools, diving, art and musical enthusiasts looking for an immersive vacation experience that suits their markets.

This website contains video about Vanuatu, a photogallery links and blog posts used by authors around the game. This website is financed by the New Zealand government and co-ordinated by the VSTAP Realization Teams within the Vanuatu Tourist Program. Vanuatu Tourist Office would like to express its sincere thanks to the Government of Vanuatu for their assistance and dedication, the Government of New Zealand for the website, as VTO is committed to improving the digitally based platform, which includes the recognition of all other developing parties, the French translation agency Odile Guiomar and the tourist sector for their collaboration and assistance, which has led to a successful result, as the British website is now also available in French.

Border negotiations between Vanuatu and France

Vanuatu (Vanuatu Daily Post, 15 September 2017) - In October, in Honiara, the Solomon Islands' capitol, there will be frontier discussions between Vanuatu and France. Vanuatu's Prime Minister, Charlot Salwai, said this, confirming that a frontier agreement with France is an area where the government is continuing its work "because we are challenging the frontier agreement between France and Fiji, which includes the isles of Mathew and Hunter which Vanuatu claims".

In New Caledonia, Prime Minister Salwai said he held a recent session with French overseas minister Annick Girardin at the SPC's recent visit to New Caledonia and, in her bi-lateral talks, addressed the questions of the Boundary Agreement between the two nations in order to bring it back to the agenda.

"I debated the case with the French Foreign Minister in January of this year, who then acted as janitor," he added. "With this new administration in place, I have brought the topic up with the Minister for Overseas Territories about a number of important issues that have now made it a local topic, under Vanuatu's maritime policy, which covers the issues of global warming and others.

The Minister for DOM-TOM asked Vanuatu to find a place in a non-partisan setting and to make an appointment for the event. It will now take place in October at the Forum Fisheries Agency (FFA) in Honiara, Solomon Islands, to discuss a frontier agreement between Vanuatu and France, the Prime Minister said.

"We will then have to begin talks with Fiji on the agreement between the two states. "In all our speeches, we say that the agreement France concluded with Fiji did not recognise Vanuatu, because we know that Vanuatu has been an autonomous state since 1980 and that they signed the frontier agreement without consultation with us.

"Vanuatu therefore continued to deny France's claim and the contract with Fiji. The Canadians and the New Caledonian Senate have spoken in supporting our position over the past year," said the Prime Minister of Vanuatu. But he reassured ni-Vanuatu that may think goverment does nothing about the spending, but that they did when occasions emerged and this year they have done so twice.

First was in Paris in January and now again with the French Minister for Overseas France while he waited for the Honiara summit next months. The question of borders has always been a topic of debate in the governing bodies of the Melanesi Speer leadership and the Forum.

Vanuatu and Solomon last year concluded a Frontier Contract between them, which Vanuatu has already done and is waiting for the Solomon Parliament to do so. "I hope we can leave the Solomon Islands deal with the UN General Assembly, which starts on 19 September in New York City at the UN headquarters," said Prime Minister Salwai.

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