Trips to French Polynesia

Excursions to French Polynesia

Polynesia and Tahiti are connected with white beaches, crystal clear waters and festive dinners. Tahiti & French Polynesia Trips The Tahiti is the most popular French Polynesian isle. They have a long history of attracting travellers and visitors. The facilities are good, you can drink frosty daquiris on the shore of the palms, the cheerful folk of the isles greet you with a big smile and the beautiful nature of the isles is memorable - especially Bora Bora!

Oh, Bora Bora..... And if you don't have many week's holiday and want to enjoy the Pacific ambience in the blink of an eye, you should go to Tahiti and the neighbouring archipelagos of the Society Island, all of which belong to French Polynesia. Aside from Huahine, French Polynesia is unfortunately an expensively sought after area.

Book the best value guesthouses, make your own meals, take the coach or try a walk around the island and talk to the nice natives on the street. The Tahiti evokes connotations for many audiences; women with flower garlands, beautiful white palms, gourmet dinner and canvases.

There are no finer sand dunes, but rather dark creeks. The Gauguin Musuem tells you more about his prolific years in Tahiti at the end of the 19th century. The Tahiti claims to be "the birthplace of surfing" and you can capture amazing surf. Tahiti Iti, the smaller of the two Tahiti Isles, has one of the biggest, most perilous and best windsurfing spots in the Hava'e Passport, Teahupoo, reserved exclusively for professionals.

Whoever is looking for a relaxed backpacker-style beach-boom ambience on their journey to French Polynesia will like Huahine. Luxury resort has not yet reached the island's wonderful sand shores, so main-stream tourism stays away. There' s not much to do here, but there are great windsurfing spots, breathtaking shores and scenic lakes that appeal to packers and windsurfers.

Ra'iatea is the savage and uninhabited isle of society that is often overlooked by the tourist. It has no true beach, but rather a rather rough landscape and proud natives who are living in deference to it. The Bora Bora is a good place to end your vacation in style: It tempts you to remain a little too fancy, do a little too luxury shopping and a little too good dining - and you'll probably love to spend your living here on one of the most gorgeous isles in the underworld.

The Bora Bora is an eagle, encircled by atolls and with small uninhabitated bounties in the area. When you want to go out and get rougher, go up Mount Pahia in the centre of the isle. It' a nice but hard hike that makes you proud when you at last take in the views from above.

Maupeti is like a small replica of Bora Bora, the Isle as it was 40 years ago. A glare-free heaven, Maupiti will certainly fulfil all your imaginations about the shores of an abandoned isle. Surrounded by beautiful coconut trees on the beautiful sand dunes and harpoonized marine life from the blue lagoon where you can go snorkelling in a seemingly pristine tank.

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