Cruise around Scotland Islands

Scotland Islands Cruise

Booking your Scottish Island Cruise aboard the Lord of the Glens, you will enjoy gourmet cuisine and exceptional service while watching the breathtaking scenery. Discover the famous Glens and Lochs and see the rugged beauty of the Hebrides. Canals between the Scottish islands offer excellent opportunities for watching minke whales, white-beaked dolphins and harbour porpoises. Its rugged, rugged coastline and wild, untouched West Coast islands are best explored by sea. Stay nine nights aboard the Hebrew princess in the dramatic Hebrides off the rugged west coast of Scotland.

Lega Holydays

Once you've taken Saga's trapped British door-to-door tour to Newcastle, you're off to Magellan. Departure 1600. Departure 1245. Departure 1900. Departure 1900. Enjoy the ambience of this busy fishermen's harbour, which is the Faroe Islands' capitol. Departure 1600. June 28. Situated at the south tip of Streymoy, one of the eighteen islands of the Faroe Islands.

This protrudes into the river port around which the contemporary city was constructed. Departure 1500. The city in its shade is a collection of gray stonehouses lined with small alleys of stones. Departure 1600. Leave the ship after breakfasts to go home next to you.

Highlights and Inclusions

Lovely, 550-passenger Astoria, every centimetre is the ideal cruiseboat. Initially a trans-atlantic boat, now renovated and affectionately cared for, Astoria is both small enough to provide a welcoming ambience and large enough to provide a relaxing setting to enjoy your vacation. It is the ideal home for your unforgettable cruise vacation.

To view the cruise itineraries, click here. N.B. All unlisted nights are taken to the seas and enjoyed the outstanding amenities aboard Astoria. The Astoria Board in Poole today, and get into your cab as she gets ready to hoist the sails. Have a first relaxing and enjoyable experience at the seaside and get to know the boat and your companions.

Today Astoria is arriving in historical Belfast. Discover the stores and caf├ęs of the pulsating cathedral district or pay tribute to the unfortunate ship in theitanic area. Discover the city or take a trip to the mystical and old standing stones of Callanish, which are said to be almost four thousand years old.

Climb aboard to discover the beautiful roads or head to the nearby Duart Castle, the famed home of Clan Maclean. Edinburgh offers the Royal Mile, Princes Street shopping and a view of the town from the walls of the old castle. Astoria is arriving in Dublin today. Say goodbye to Astoria and all your companions when you leave at the end of your cruise.

UK citizens require a full 10 year pass to use this cruise. Offers are only valid for new reservations from 5 July 2018 (included). Many of our cruise ships have a small number of Voyager Fare Inner and Sea Views staterooms available.

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