Samoa Snorkeling Beaches

Snorkelling Samoa Beaches

Weather in Samoa in March and coconuts or Sinalei? Tours, (night) snorkelling, kayaking, surfing and much more can also be undertaken on site. It was one of our favorites in Samoa. Also on riding days you usually have the afternoons free for reading, snorkeling and exploring or just a drink on the beach outside your Fale or motel unit. Snorkelling trips and snorkelling equipment are also available.

Optional equipment and accessories

Air New Zealand, Samoa Airways and Virgin Australia services combine well with these journeys. Accommodation is perfect for travellers who want to spend an afternoons full of luxuries, while the host family is suitable for those who arrive in the evenings and offers an introductory visit to Samoa in a contemporary home with native family. The 15 km long trip around the coastline is a very enjoyable start to your holiday after the assembly of the bicycles and a detailed induction.

Near Falelatai it goes 2 km steep hill. This descent is only partially asphalted, but the last 3 km around the coastline improve to the Faga cove in Savaia, where the giant clams are located. Take Main South Coastline to the center of town (100m), where it turns to your lefts.

After another 100 metres, turn right at the sign for the institute and drive along the coastline. When you reach km 2, the street ends in a T-junction, turn off to the lefthand side and get off slightly, then turn right at km 4 onto Main SouthCoastRoad. Fork to Matarava shore 5 km. It' s 4 km down to the shore and there's a small tolls.

At the Matareva Fales lies a remote and intimate area. Unwind on the beaches, go swimming in the Laguna or discover the area. Today's drive is only 12 km from Vai Villas, which lies in the mangroves marshes, and Lua and Jill's warmth and good meals make it an unforgettable sojourn.

Following a short introduction, you' ll canoe down a soft, mesmerizing river of mangroves and take your own free moment to explore this magnificent eco-system with its many orchid species. When we reach the major Laguna, we canoe along the shoreline and often watch tortoises. Landing on a sanded sand front for a quick bite before going to a small key entry to the coral wall where we usually see several large-tourtles.

If you are sure, you can go snorkeling at the side of the coral and hopefully watch the tortoises. After the return paddle there is the possibility to go swimming, before we drive the Mangrovenbach back to Vai Villas, where we have a nice dinner onboard.

It follows the hilly, asphalted coastal highway and although it is simple to concentrate only on the goal, there is a great deal to do along the way. Possible stopovers are the Sinalei Estate for a touch of luxurious, Aganoa Black Sand Beaches for a secluded sand shore with good snorkeling and a stroll to the Ma Tree.

My favorite is a long swim at the Togitogiga-Falls. The journey ends at the Tafatafa Laguna Beaches. Clear waters, secure swimmers, waterfront raft. 10-kilometre Cross Island Rd. down the street to the coast path. You may be up for a restful days on the beaches after an extensive sailing and kayak program.

┬┐Tafatafa is a breathtaking sandy spot. There is a great bar/lunch near Vaiula Fales Nugg and Dave is a well-known angling guidebook that can provide angling tours inside and outside the canal. You can also take the option of a kayaking trip to Nuusafee Isle. An abandoned exotic isle with its own sandy beaches and lagoons (extra charge).

Thirteen kilometers down the street is To Sua Trench. One of Samoa's post card rides is a collapsing cistern with a cliffy staircase that leads into the seawater reservoir. Enjoy the lake scenery, the shrinks, the beaches and the story as well as a soft bath in the swimming Pool. Finally, when you pull out of the swimming pools, drive another 13 km to Lalomanu and then to Namua Wharf, where you can take the Namua Island boat.

It is the only settlement on the islands and is situated on a protected sandstrand. It is recommended that you go back along the shore and take the crossroads to Lotofaga. Climb the falls along the way and then at Le Mafa Pass you will be awarded with a great view of the north coastline.

It is a nice drive down and further to Le Uaina. In Le Uaina you can go snorkelling in the reservation to see a wide range of corals and thatch. They may have a little visitation period. You will have plenty of flying experience to discover Apia.

Higher up on Cross Island is the Bahai Temple in a quiet location with a view of Apia. Just outside of Apia, Palolo Deep is a great place for snorkelling, but best explored when the current is near the water. Take the shuttles to the airfield in good season for your flights or spend a few more nights.

SAMAAAWAY's plane arrives at 4:05 p.m. on Monday. There are several other companies examining the plane to Samoa. We will do our best at Strand would be to provide individual accommodations, but the Strand Sale reservation system is not strong enough to do so.

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